Talking about something special – video

14 thoughts on “Talking about something special – video

  1. I think few things simultaneously terrify you and make you feel ancient as teaching your kids to drive. Sounds like you’re off to a great start, though. You “auto” be proud!

    Yeah, I went there…

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  2. What a sweet post Claudette. You are glowing with happiness and pride. So funny you did the parking lot practice. Did the same with mine and their confidence level was really stoked once they got out on the road with real cars.

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    1. He was a bit resistant at first and a bit argumentative (surprise!) but he figured out quickly that he really didn’t know as much as he thought the did. And then, after an hour, he was so happy which made me happy. We shared a positive experience for once and this was so good for my heart and soul.

      Thank you Deb for your comment. ❀

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