Random thoughts while sitting in the sunshine

For as long as we owned the house (20 years) this asshat behind us used to blare his music across the entire neighbourhood. It didn’t matter what time of day or night it was, he was having a party and playing his music with open windows.

This weekend I sat outside and did some yard work for the bulk of the day and reveled in the fact that all I could hear was children playing, dogs barking occasionally, or other random backyard noises. No music, not even quiet music.

It was almost like the neighbours were being respectful. 😳

There’s a reason for that. The asshat has moved away. πŸ™‚πŸŽ‰πŸ€©πŸŽŠ

Last summer was the worst, especially because covid kept all of us at home pretty much the whole time. We used to hear screaming matches from other neighbours who tried to get him to shut the music down or at least close windows, especially late at night or really early in the morning (because he would party until 2, 3 am). You would think someone who owns a house in a high density city neighbourhood would have a little bit of common courtesy toward his neighbours? Well this guy did not.

For years we had contacted the bylaw office that’s supposed to be enforcing noise complaints and all they did was send letters and threatened to fine him. He was never fined. The law enforcement people told us that we had to keep an accurate record and drum together all of the other neighbours and then take the asshat to court. I wonder what the law enforcers were doing while I was doing all their work and not getting paid for it.

I was busy with a colicky infant at the time, then later sleep-deprived when the girl child arrived and never slept. πŸ€ͺ

At that point my partner quit going outside and I spent even more time alone. But, it was ok, actually. The one place I had some solitude was in the garden, at times.

Except…the asshat neighbour was disrupting my peace with Metallica. 😡

Side note: even if he played songs I liked, he played them too loud and at all hours. It put me off music altogether because none of us in this neighbourhood had a choice in terms of what we wanted to listen to, if anything, whenever we were outside. It was insanity-driving.

Like I said above, it took some yelling matches from some other neighbours to finally get the asshat to list his house. He told another neighbour who happens to be the mom of a girl in my daughter’s class that he couldn’t wait to leave this neighborhood now that it isn’t the way it used to be. What he meant was no one complained before or if they did it didn’t mean anything to him. He didn’t give a shit.

But this neighbourhood is changing. The little old bungalows with the senior citizen occupants are getting listed and sold, and young couples are moving in and renovating those homes into two story houses. They want to raise families in this neighbourhood.

These young couples were also the most active complainers – when they finally got their babies to sleep and the asshat would start blaring his music across the yard waking up the toddlers, all hell would break loose. (The asshat was a music industry dude without a partner or offspring and just a dog and occasional roommate. He had no concept of family time. Or nap/sleep time during regular hours of ordinary folk). There are also the professionals who didn’t have nine to five jobs who were disturbed, people who had night shifts like nurses and doctors or pilots and flight attendants; these people sometimes wanted to sleep during the daylight hours or in the early evenings to get ready for a later shift. Talking to the asshat (which we tried several times) did nothing and earned us insults.

The cops also had no luck. No one bothered calling them; they’d show up, have a stern word, and as soon as they left the music was turned up again. Or maybe, the cops had bigger fish to fry. 😐

Anyway the loud asshat is gone now. And it’s been a lot less stressful to do yard work out here in my backyard in the sunshine knowing that the only music that is going to filter into my ears is through headsets or earbuds I wear myself. It would never occur to me to disturb other people’s peace with my music.

Except I wasn’t even listening to music. I was listening to the early spring noises and the bird song which frankly is much more pleasant to listen to outside after a long winter of being stuck indoors.

18 thoughts on “Random thoughts while sitting in the sunshine

  1. It’s so hard to understand what’s inside the disrespectful guy’s head.
    But it came to a good end.
    He went his noisy way and he’s not coming back. Good bye.
    At last this annoyance ended.

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  2. Some people are so thoughtless. And then there’s people like us, who put pretty much everybody before themselves. (shakes fist angrily and silently at the universe, while nobody is watching)

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  3. Wow, a bad neighbor can really ruin a neighborhood. Years ago we bought a house from the neighborhood pariah. People actually thanked us…LOL. Congratulations on the newly discovered peace and quiet.

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  4. I live in a mixed use neighborhood. There is a parking lot outside my bedroom window. I’ve kinda gotten used to noise.
    That being said, why must some jerk turn his bass in his car up to the point that it rattles my window, every night when they get off work?
    Too much asshattery in our world!😑

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  5. I will never understand how some people can have such complete and total disrespect for others. I like Metallica as much as the next fella, but I don’t want to be listening to them when it’s time to exit light and enter night.

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