Tucker shenanigans: digging holes

Proof that it’s Tucker, not some random wildlife, who’s digging up my yard.

Want more proof? Here you go:

He only does this when he’s bored. Lately he’s been more bored than not, despite an increase in his walks. Must be the nicer weather…

I took a video walking around our icky yard which is getting a makeover sometime – hopefully – this spring. We’re waiting for a quote from the same guys who did our retaining wall a year or two ago. Even if we decide to move or I decide to move or whatever happens, cleaning up the yard will increase the resale value of this place. Plus with covid still around for the foreseeable future, having a proper yard to do some outdoor socializing in will benefit especially the teens but also me who likes to write outside.

So here’s the clip of Mr. Shenanigans who caused some trouble in the backyard.

So I think he had a pebble in his mouth. Either that or a piece of bark. Also excuse my sniffling.

I took this video two or three days ago before I started raking the lawn. I raked the lawn on Friday afternoon (yesterday) in the bright sunshine and it’s already looking much better than what is shown in that clip.

And Tucker is wearing his harness which means he had just gotten back from a walk with me. I’m the only one who puts that red harness on him along with two leashes. πŸ™„πŸ˜€

34 thoughts on “Tucker shenanigans: digging holes

    1. Yes that’s the plan but not all of it just part of it, about half. Plus the deck will get a bit larger too so we can keep the barbecue upstairs near the door along with some lawn chairs, which is where I’m sitting now because I have morning sun and it’s sheltered and warm.

      I thought about doing an all patio backyard but for the dog I think a little bit of grass is still nice especially when he has to pee. And for resale value a small amount of greenery in a city plot is attractive especially if there’s vegetable plots back there too.

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    1. 😐

      I think our groundhog family has moved on when all the puppies arrived… there’s a chocolate lab puppy next door, her name is Olive, the groundhog always birthed under her shed. But since Olive arrived, no more groundhogs. πŸ˜€

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