Short story: Heat beyond the fire station

Inspired by a show I watched recently, I cooked up a little romantic story. Enjoy. Feedback encouraged. See you in the comments.

Heat beyond the fire station

Samantha sat on the edge of the ottoman, facing the TV on the wall. Abby stood behind her, between the ottoman and couch, rubbing arnica lotion into her shoulders.

“This will soothe your tight muscles,” Abby said, kneading Samantha’s shoulders with concentration and completely oblivious to Chloe’s hard stare.

Chloe and Abby were lovers. Their relationship was new, much newer than Abby’s friendship with Samantha. It didn’t surprise Samantha that Chloe wasn’t happy about this shoulder massage she was enjoying presently. Guiltily, she tried to think up a reason to stop the massage, knowing it was futile. Abby was a trained paramedic and when she put her mind to saving someone from pain, she didn’t let anyone, or anything, stop her.

Chloe will just have to get used to this, Samantha thought worryingly. There wasn’t anything she could do about their relationship dynamic. Besides, she had more pressing concerns at the moment.

Samantha was keenly aware that Matt, Abby’s roommate, was also watching the scenario unfold in front of him. He was leaning against the island counter which divided the kitchen from the living room, legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded across his chest, glaring at the three women.

His long legs were distracting Samantha. She tried to keep her thoughts focused on how good the massage felt, not on how good Matt’s legs looked.

“This might be easier with fewer clothes on,” Abby suddenly said, interrupting Samantha’s illicit thoughts. “The straps are interfering here…”

Samantha had already taken her hoodie off to accommodate her friend’s offer to massage her shoulders. She was still wearing a yoga tank top without a bra underneath. Abby was massaging around the straps, which Samantha thought worked just fine.

When Abby mentioned taking the tank top off, Samantha glanced at Chloe, who raised her eyebrows but remained silent.

Samantha glanced at Matt next.

I wonder what he’s thinking, she pondered but then rolled her eyes at herself. She knew exactly what he was thinking. Everyone knows what men think about a situation where women were touching each other’s bare skin.

But Matt didn’t react either. Not at first. He kept his arms crossed and stared silently at the group of women in front of him.

Abby and Samantha had been friends for many years. They had met at a restaurant where they both worked and hit it off immediately. Over time, Abby came out to Samantha as gay, and after a while, she introduced her to her lovers. Chloe, her most recent conquest, had entered Abby’s life just a few weeks ago, and both women were quite smitten with each other.

Samantha met Matt through Abby. They both worked at the local fire station; she was a paramedic, and he was a firefighter. When Samantha first met Matt, he had a pregnant girlfriend who left him shortly after he met Samantha. There was a paternity concern, which eventually led to their breakup. Matt moved out and needed a place to live. This is how Matt and Abby came to be roommates in a townhouse near to the fire station.

It didn’t take long for Matt to get a new girlfriend. He was tall with dark hair and blue-grey eyes, a trim body and an easy-going personality. He dated casually for a while until he met the latest girl, a foreign visa student from Russia.

Olena was strikingly beautiful with bright (and probably fake) blond hair, luscious pouty lips and fake boobs. She was one of the most social people Samantha had ever met. It was probably her extroverted, bouncy nature that translated into a promise of adventurous sex few men could rebuff.

She was also at least 25 years younger than Matt. Neither Samantha nor Abby thought she would last very long; she was the classic rebound distraction.

“It’s just a matter of time before the dramatic breakup happens,” Abby had told Samantha just a few weeks ago.

Samantha started watching them more closely whenever she saw them together. She was always deeply interested in people’s relationship dynamics, probably because of her own dysfunctional history with men. May as well watch and learn, she used to tell herself as she observed the antics of the dating world around her.

At the most recent event at a friend’s bar, Matt seemed almost detached when Samantha observed him with Olena. It’s that cheery, chatty behaviour that gets on men’s nerves, she presumed before turning her attention away from them.

Samantha didn’t know why she was so fascinated by them, or more specifically, by him. She always considered Matt way out of her league. A man of his character wasn’t going to cast a look in her direction, she thought. She was content to observe the group of firemen whenever she and Abby hung out together with her colleagues. Matt often visited the same establishments, and over the years Samantha got to know quite a few women he was dating.

With Olena, it was different. He seemed almost neutral, not very invested in their relationship, much to Olena’s unawareness. Maybe because she’s so much younger, Samantha contemplated, then tried to turn her mind off. She wasn’t going to agonize over how much longer he was going to stay with his girlfriend.

One day last week Samantha bumped into Matt in a store’s parking lot. They stood in the shade of the sheltered cart return area and launched into a rather lengthy conversation. Matt told her he broke up with Olena the week prior and that she didn’t take it well. When he didn’t elaborate, Samantha asked him point-blank.

“Did something happen?” she said, then added, “you don’t have to say if you don’t want to.”

“Well, her visa’s expiring,” he responded.

“So she’s going back to Russia?” Samantha asked. She didn’t know how these things worked, but her curiosity was piqued now. A sinking feeling clouded her brain, and part of her wanted to push him into gossiping about his relationship drama in greater detail. But of course, she held back. Men don’t like that, she knew.

“She wants me to marry her so she can stay,” Matt said, looking across the parking lot. “I told her no. I mean, I never considered this an actual relationship…”

Samantha waited until Matt faced her. His look implied curiosity whether she would judge him. But Samantha already suspected his lack of commitment to Olena, so she softened her look and smiled at him.

“Did she know that?” she asked him. “That you weren’t serious?”

“Probably not,” Matt said.

All these thoughts passed through Samantha’s head while sitting on the ottoman, feeling Abby’s hands massage her shoulders. She shook herself out of her reveries and turned around to face her friend. Abby reached for the tube of arnica cream and pressed another dollop onto her open palm.

“I can ask the others to leave,” she suggested, motioning her head toward Chloe and Matt. “Or, we can go upstairs, if you’d rather.”

Dazed, Samantha remembered what Abby said earlier, about taking her tank top off.

Samantha saw Chloe flinch when Abby mentioned the word upstairs and wondered what Abby was up to. It wasn’t like her to test her girlfriends with such bold statements right in front of them. Chloe assumes I’m bi, Samantha thought while observing Chloe’s body language. Of course she wasn’t, she never even considered this a possibility. But Chloe didn’t know that.

What about Matt? Men tend to have ideas in their heads about two women together…

She glanced away from Chloe and turned to face Matt.

But just like before, he simply stood there stoically.

Samantha sighed and then decided to just go with the flow.

Fuck it, she thought, looking right at Abby. She turned away from the other spectators and lifted her tank top over her head, then kept it in front of her chest to hide her breasts from the onlookers.

Abby continued to massage Samantha’s shoulders, quietly chatting to her about physiotherapy. “Getting this looked at will help you target your stretching exercises,” Abby said, kneading her friend’s shoulder area with expertise. Samantha agreed silently but didn’t respond. Instead, she wondered what Chloe and Matt were up to. She couldn’t see them, but she could feel their eyes on her. Especially Chloe’s.

“Wouldn’t this work better if she was lying down?” she heard Matt’s voice interrupt Abby’s chatter. When Samantha turned to face him, he said, “I can take this over,” glancing briefly at Chloe.

Samantha and Abby both turned to look at Chloe.

It was only then when Abby seemed to clue in that her girlfriend did not look happy at all.

Samantha looked from person to person, clutching her tank top in front of her chest, wondering if maybe she should get dressed and leave. But before she could decide, she heard Matt speak again.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Matt addressed her directly and motioned for her to grab her hoodie and follow him up the stairs.

Samantha glanced at the lesbians and rolled her eyes at them while smiling. Chloe seemed happy to be rid of her, whereas Abby had a look of concern on her face.

But Samantha wanted to get away from Chloe. If there was going to be a fight, she didn’t want to be around. Clutching her tank top and hoodie in front of her bare chest, Samantha followed Matt to his bedroom.

When she arrived at his door, she opened her eyes wide in surprise. His room was tidy and sparingly decorated, and his bed was made. She glanced at him and wondered how he got to be so neat. In her experience, many men did not keep a clean and orderly bedroom.

“Very nice,” Samantha said, almost forgetting she was standing there topless.

“Here, turn around,” Matt said as he closed the door and placed his hands on her shoulders to spin her slowly toward him. Still holding her clothes in front of her bare breasts, she obeyed and watched Matt sink to his knees to help her out of her jeans.

“This will be more comfortable for you,” he said and helped her step out of them.

Samantha swallowed but silently agreed. When Matt got back up, he gently took the clothing out of her hands and looked at her standing there in nothing but her panties. Then, he turned her toward the bed and told her to lie face down.

Mesmerized by his commands and lack of impulsiveness, Samantha did what she was told and laid face down on his bed. She heard him open and close a drawer which caused her to turn her head to watch what he was doing. She saw he had a bottle of oil in his hands, and he poured some into his palms before climbing on top of her.

Once he straddled her behind, he started massaging her back and shoulders. Samantha didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt to be touched by him.

“Olena was a massage therapist in Russia,” he told her while stroking her upper back. “She used to give me back rubs.”

Somewhat confused at the mention of his now ex-girlfriend, Samantha acknowledged his statement by asking him what happened to her.

“They deported her,” he answered, but didn’t elaborate.

“Do you miss her?”

“Not really. It wasn’t like that,” Matt replied, tracing his hands across her lower back now.

Samantha pondered his state of mind, but allowed him to continue massaging the oil into her skin. It had been a long time since she felt a man touch her body.

After a while, Samantha drifted off into a semi-slumber. Matt was skilled and despite feeling slightly aroused at the fact that she was almost nude, and he was fully dressed, she refused to jump to conclusions. She didn’t know what his intentions were, and it was best to not make assumptions. Sighing pleasantly, Samantha relaxed and zoomed in on his hands and touch.

After a while, she could feel him reach lower. While rubbing the indent of her back along her spine, Samantha realized she started feeling aroused. When his hands began to trace the outline of her panties, she almost yearned for him to slide them off her.

Lifting and turning her head, she gave Matt a questioning look. He smiled at her and slowly slid her panties off her behind and down her legs. When he reached her knees, he stopped.

“This ok?” he asked. Samantha closed her eyes and then nodded her agreement.

“Yes,” she breathed and lifted herself off the bed slightly to allow him to remove her panties completely.

Matt returned his hands to her body and continued to rub her skin. He focused in on the curves of her butt, her hips and her inner thighs. He took his time, and Samantha almost began to moan her pleasure, but stopped herself.

He wants to have sex, she surmised, not completely surprised at the turn of events. Most men, at least in her experience, turn a massage on a woman into sex at some point.

She felt his hands push her hips until she was lying on her side.

“Turn over,” he said, and she complied by rolling onto her back. Samantha swallowed and stared at Matt’s face while allowing him to continue massaging her.


Copyright © 2009–2021 Claudette Labriola All rights reserved.

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