You better be good, Monday

I returned to my house and family yesterday afternoon and went to bed at 6:00 o’clock. I woke up the next morning a quarter after 8:00 a.m. Frankly, that’s too much sleep.

I did not sleep well. The pain in my neck and shoulder is still here, although not as bad as it was before, but I’m getting fed up now. I canceled the last two massages but I will go on Wednesday because I think part of the problem is my back is really tight. I will continue to stretch, maybe up the time a little bit, and hope I can finally get rid of that pinched nerve or whatever is challenging me. If by April things haven’t improved significantly I’m going to book a physio session.

I think I’m fighting something too. I don’t really have any symptoms that would indicate a cold, or god forbid covid, but just this constant fatigue. The sun however is improving my mood which leads me to think that maybe I’m just depressed and not sick at all.

Since I’m home with Tucker today and the rest of the family is at school, I will walk him and later go to my new client-puppy in the neighbourhood and walk her. Typically I bike to her place and if I’m up for it I may even go for a short bike ride after I finish with her. Depends on how cold the wind is.

My son, who is now 16, complained he didn’t sleep well but I suspect it’s the time change that’s affecting him a little bit. I will cook soup for him to have when he gets back from school at lunch and before he goes to his virtual classroom. He’s studying hard to write his G1, the first part of his driver’s exam, which will probably happen on Friday.

And so it begins…

What else is new? Not much. The two towns I live in are in different covid restrictions but in both towns you can now go shopping for clothing in the retail establishments. The ones in Toronto have long lineups as they’ve only been open for a week. The ones in my mom’s town have been open 3 weeks I think and there are no lineups. I hope we’re not going to return to restrictions despite increasing numbers of these variants; honestly, given how long we’ve been locked down or under severe restrictions and the virus is still here it should have alerted the powers that be that perhaps lockdown isn’t the most efficient way to be dealing with this virus. But what do I know…

Anyway I bought more masks. We switch to fresh masks every single time we return home to avoid skin problems which so many people are suffering from.

My daughter wears her mask the longest as she’s in school all day but she switches to a fresh mask after lunch which helps to keep her skin from breaking out. The whole family has adapted very well to the red and green basket system I have introduced: dirty masks go into red, clean, washed masks into green. People take from the green basket before they head out someplace and drop used masks into red.

Good morning Monday. 🎡🎢 You better be good to me…(to quote Tina Turner) 🎢🎡

17 thoughts on “You better be good, Monday

  1. Sometimes I feel like we’re living on different planets, ha. Of course, I say the same thing about people living in some of the surrounding states, too.

    I’m confident your fatigue is just that and nothing worse.

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  2. Don’t wait too long with your neck! Especially if you start having pain or numbness in your hands. I speak from my experience. I waited, then got jacked around by the insurance company. 3 failed surgeries later… πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Don’t wait!
    We have rain again, and the wind is bending the palm trees. So much for sunny Southern California πŸ™„πŸ₯Ά

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