16 years ago

As I type this shortly after lunch, I would have still been in labour 16 years ago today. Contractions began at 2 am so I was driven to hospital where they declared me dilated enough to remain in hospital, but it would still be hours before the baby was born. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

The emergency c-sections happened around 4 pm. My blubbery son got stuck in my pelvis. The doctor said “I gotta push him back up” which meant he pushed him back up and you really don’t want to visualize this but it’s ok because I had a lovely epidural. 😢

So up he was pushed back into my belly and then he cut me open to remove the boy who promptly peed on him. πŸ˜€

I wasn’t traumatized enough though because two and a half years later the girl child was born the same way.

So now I have a 16 year old kid who wants to, and can, learn to drive. πŸš™

I will be eating cake today. I deserve cake today. Maybe I’ll even have two pieces. πŸ˜€

Happy birthday my boy. ❀️🎁🎈🍰

27 thoughts on “16 years ago

  1. I made Younger wait til she was 18 to get her license. I couldn’t afford the driving school and the astronomical cost of adding her to my insurance. Older doesn’t drive, but I wish she did.
    Can I have some cake, please?🀀🀣

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    1. It’s more complicated with covid, requires online booking and planning…but I think you’re right. My kids grew up in cars with all the competitive sports, they know the hassles with city driving, but I think he’s looking forward to it. 😢

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  2. something men will never know about
    my mom was 48 can you imagine?
    we were tight
    and i took her for granted
    and was embarassed by her being older
    i m ashamed of me and remember her sacrifices for me

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