Waiting, a(nother) selfie, three 3s and a birthday message

Earlier today, I was still waiting for my neck brace which was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Did they run out of boxes at Amazon? More likely people…I heard there are more covid outbreaks all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

This virus isn’t going away anytime soon, is it…

I was feeling ok this morning despite not having slept for most of the night due to discomfort and pain. I thought, my hair looked alright, I’ll take a Good Hair Day selfie. Note: I have not had a hair cut since August. Salons are closed until March 8. 😐

To distract myself from my neck issues, I contacted my editor-to-be about a story he gave me a quote on, and started working on rewriting something based on some of his suggestions.

About 45 minutes later my head began to feel too heavy for my body so I made myself and the boys some lunch, just to move around a bit.

Next, I checked the front door for my neck brace delivery. Nothing. Then, I harassed the husband, the Amazon-Prime-Account-Holder in this house, which got me a curt “it still hasn’t shipped” to which I threw my arms up in the air. Then I went to throw the towels into the dryer, and took to my bed.

I now have a heated bean bag around my neck. The warmth feels good, but doesn’t take the pain away. At least a horizontal position means less weight on my neck so that’s why I’m lying down in the middle of the day.

Doesn’t look like I’m going to get much work done today. Sitting and standing is not good for my neck.

Yesterday, I looked at my phone and saw this:

Imagine if it had been March 3…😳

I started obsessing what three 3s meant. The only thing I could come up with is that recently, I started reading a blog by Michael Raven, acquired an editor’s interest for one of my stories who is named Michael, and heard from a friend, also named Michael. πŸ˜―πŸ™‚

Apparently, it also means there’s a guardian angel looking out for me (or something like that). πŸ˜‡

Now, I have a special message for a fellow blogger Angie in Cali:


Anyway, send some good vibes to the delivery peeps in my area so I can finally stick that brace on my neck and get on with my day.

Stand by for a neck brace selfie coming up shortly (hopefully).

13 thoughts on “Waiting, a(nother) selfie, three 3s and a birthday message

  1. Random match numbers arouse my interest. The three repeated so many times is funny.
    In some situations I have found repeated numbers such as numbers on the shift of the pharmacy or the butcher shop or bakery, in taxi numbers, in dreams, on a purchase invoice, anyway. I once ventured to bet on the lottery for the repeated number found. Maybe it’s just delusional, but the repeated numbers were in front of my eyes.

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  2. Why is it the ridiculous things we order come in a day and a half but the important items are always delayed? Hope you find some relief soon. As for hair, I haven’t been to a salon since last March. Keep cutting it myself and it’s a nightmare.

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