Pain in the neck

I took my little desk back from the girl child. I gave it to her to use as a craft corner some time ago – but now, I need it back.

It has become obvious that my continued neck pain is partially caused by the un-ergonomic spaces I have to write in. Dining room tables, couches, beds…it’s causing me all sorts of grief, to the point of spasming last night that reduced me to tears.

I could not get relief in any position, not standing, not sitting, not lying down. I have a pillow filled with water, even that didn’t help. I never noticed before how heavy my head is. 🙄

I took Advil and Tylenol, then an hour later two more.

Somehow I managed to fall asleep and stay asleep. Maybe the drugs kicked in finally…

Anyway, this morning, I decided that my girl child’s craft table, which got a lot of use out of at the beginning of the pandemic, can be shared by us. The reality is that she spends more time in her room nowadays than at that table, probably something to do with the transformation from tween to teen in recent months. She is in school again, too, which means the desk isn’t used for 6, 7 hours each day. I may as well make use of it.

I cleaned it up, and set it up. And now I’m typing at it.

It’s not perfect, and I still feel piercing pain from my arm to my shoulder and neck every so often, but that’s because that pinched nerve is still causing me issues. I did have a massage yesterday and it’s possible that her kneading my left side, which finally loosened up the brick-like structure inside my shoulder-blade and neck area, needed time to heal. As good as it felt while I was in the massage, sitting in the car to and from my mom’s house after was horribly painful, especially on the way back. Each bump in the road had me hold back tears.

I went through my email this morning, after I cleared the desk and set it up, to see what my Xray said from a couple of years ago. I have this condition called Reversed Cervical Lordosis – the spine in the neck region doesn’t curve as it normally should. Add into that a pinched nerve and I’m partially incapacitated.

It is complicated by early onset arthritis.


Anyway. I am trying not to do all the things that would cause me more grief, like walk the dog in the snow, snow shoveling (we have so much snow today!), heavy lifting (laundry baskets), or driving. I told my son, the two days he’s going to school this week he’ll either have to bum a ride with someone (or his dad can take him if he’s available) or take a bus, because if sitting in a car as a passenger almost killed me yesterday, I can only imagine what it would feel like if I had to drive, and, you know, hold and move the steering wheel. In snowy, messy road conditions no less.

So that’s the drama for this Monday morning. How are things for you?

32 Replies to “Pain in the neck”

  1. Ugh! I hope your pain passes soon, friend. I pinched a nerve a few years ago, in my neck/shoulder area. It was a horrible, hopeless feeling, and I pretty much laid on the couch for a few days. Sending healthy vibes your way! 🕊

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  2. Love your desk. I’ve imposed a “clear desk” rule in our house – in the junk room, that is shared by whoever needs it – you have to clear the desk down after you finish for the day. Of course I’m the only one who really follows the rule :/

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  3. I suppose this quarantine multiplied by ten, will bring many health disorders in the vertebrae due to so many hours in front of the pc or smart phones placed in inappropriate positions. Physiotherapists will have a lot of work to do.

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  4. I am so sorry you are having this problem. When my back started bothering me last year, I got into the habit of doing some stretches from a book called The Way of Energy and then found some (very simple) Chi Kung exercises in YouTube. Standing “like a tree” was painful at first and even felt counterintuitive but it has helped a lot.
    Hope you feel better soon! Take care.

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  5. I was happy for some time away from my paid hell er job especially on a Monday but not the least bit happy to return to a department I had hoped would bring relief but only fueled more hellfire…Sigh..I could quit without a safety, but that would stupid…Sorry you’re in pain. Pain is a bitch as we age, for sure.

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  6. That heavy neck thing…I can so relate. When I don’t watch my activities well enough and the arthritis acts up in my neck I swear I have an elephant sitting on my head. Long time ago I was encouraged to get an oddball sling contraption that fit over a door. It had a chin strap and you were supposed to sort of hang yourself from it to elongate the vertebrae. Talk about awkward. Hope the pain eases soon.

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    1. You know funny you mention this, I actually saw that on amazon when I was looking at braces. Hm…sounds interesting but I don’t know if I can hang around like that all day… lol

      Thank you for your support. I can’t wait for this to pass, I feel so useless like this. Sigh.

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  7. My c-spine lost it’s curve too. I have bulging and herniated discs. I know your pain.
    I used a freezable neck wrap thingy for a while and it helped. Also a “whiplash” cervical collar. They’re annoying but they keep your neck in a good position.

    The desk is the best plan!

    I hope your ouchie eases very soon!🤞💕

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  8. Oh my darling that is so terrible. I had forgotten what that kind of pain feels like and only get it in waves (arthritic) down my neck and shoulder after I eat too much bread or pasta.
    The desk is very cute and I can picture you sitting properly at it. Sending you love and hugs.

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  9. I had the same problem when I started teaching remote, I did my classes from the kitchen table! Oh how I remember the same type of pain. I switched to a proper chair and set up and it disappeared in days! What a relief! Sorry you’re dealing with this, more discomfort this pandemic has created! Will it ever end…C

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