A puppy detour

A couple of days ago I was at my table typing and editing one of my stories when I got a text from a mom in the neighborhood. Seems they got a puppy. πŸ™ƒπŸΎπŸ˜³

Her daughter and my daughter have known each other since they attended Montessori daycare at age 2. πŸ™‚

So the mom asked me how we are doing with our Beagle puppy and then started asking me a few questions. Soon it became clear that they are struggling a little bit with some puppy issues.

She knew I was walking dogs in my neighborhood before covid and asked if I might be interested in looking in on Nessie when work and school resumes. I said yes of course. πŸ™‚

I was able to reassure her that she was doing everything right and tweak a few of her ideas or give glimpses into our own experience in order to shed some light into her puppy’s behaviour. After a while she admitted she was feeling much better.

The next day, I got another text from her. This time, she wanted to know if maybe Tucker might be interested in meeting Nessie. 😳

My first thought was omg he’s going to hump the poor little puppy girl. πŸ™ƒ

Of course I said yes. So, we arranged to meet at the girls’ old school in between our homes sometime in mid-afternoon.

My girl child and I bundled up Tucker in his coat, which makes him look like an armadillo, and walked to the little elementary school. After a while, Nessie and her family did not show up so we wandered around the other side of the school where we could see their house and stood on the sidewalk.

Soon, the dad noticed us and open the door to say hello. This of course confused Tucker because we were too far away for him to see, or smell, the person who was talking.

Armadillo Tucker.

Eventually, the mom, the girl and her younger brother, who is in grade two, arrived all bundled up carrying their 2-month-old puppy.

This is Nessie

Tucker was very curious. We allowed them to sniff each other while the girl held her puppy in her arms. At one point, she put her on the ground and we let the two dogs sniff each other on the ground. Although Nessie had many siblings, she was shy with Tucker. This is not surprising, and we gave them time to sniff – but not hump- and get to know each other.

The little boy had brought his soccer ball. Although the schoolyard was covered in snow, he started kicking the ball and playing the way little boys do. When Tucker got a little too interested in Nessie, who wasn’t sure what to do with Tucker yet, we decided to let him go play soccer with the boy. The schoolyard was fenced in, so we left the leash on Tucker and he ran after the ball.

The boy was thrilled to have a soccer buddy. πŸ˜ƒ

Less thrilled when Tucker figured out how to steal the ball. 😐

But he was a good sport and had fun, with red cheeks and sparkly eyes giving testament to that. πŸ˜‰

The two teen girls in the meantime wandered off with Nessie and left us moms to talk a bit. For me it was so nice to talk to an adult in person, who is not from my immediate household, for a change. I really started to feel the effects of months-long, repeated isolation with these continued lockdowns at that moment.

We didn’t stay as long as we would have had it been warmer. We could tell the dogs started to shiver and they needed to move, not stand around, to stay warm despite both wearing coats. Of course the two teen girls didn’t have their jackets zipped up or hats on their heads because teenagers. πŸ™„ So us moms decided a half an hour was long enough and we said goodbye. We did say we were going to meet again to keep the dogs socialized.

When we got home I had a cup of hot tea and three cookies. This was the first time in over a week that I had something with sugar in it and I felt bloated almost immediately. The good news is, the cookies were homemade by me and made with less than half the amount of sugar the recipe required and supplemented with nuts and semi-dark chocolate chips. Although the cookies did have sugar in them, it was cane sugar, not refined white sugar. But, sugar is sugar. I don’t care I have no regrets lol. Besides, that’s what digestive enzymes were invented for.

How’s that for a puppy detour?

12 thoughts on “A puppy detour

  1. This is a great idea. My mum’s puppy (now 4 months old) just met yesterday with her friend’s puppy (nearly a year). The start was tenative, but looks like a perfect play date for the future. Wears out the dogs…not the people. Nothing makes a puppy more lovable than puppy exhaustion.

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  2. I love the puppy detour. What cuties (kids and all). In these days of isolation, meetings such as this are so satisfying. And in a note of coincidence, I made dark chocolate chip cookies, using Truvia/cane blend and brown blend, almond flour. I’m a diabetic. They didn’t taste as great as full-blown sugar-added ones~but it worked for my craving. Thanks for sharing this sweet story!

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