Brought to you by my voice

This sentence is not written by keyboard but instead by my voice.

I think I just discovered a way to save my arms and neck and back. If I blog with my voice from now on perhaps that pinched nerve in my neck can heal and go away forever.

This is so much fun! Never mind that my dog is giving me the stink eye for disturbing his morning nap by talking into my phone.

I wonder if I can train my phone to make me coffee.

So, I have been sitting here talking instead of typing and will do this again later.

But first, β˜•.

21 thoughts on “Brought to you by my voice

  1. A friend of mine likes to use dictation, but he has a tendency to mangle the English language with weird idiosyncratic pronunciation, and dictation doesn’t do well with that. I’ve gotten better over time at interpreting his texts, but it’s a different pattern of errors than autocorrect, which I’m more used to interpreting.

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  2. In the 90s, I was in an accident that disabled my arms for a few years. The solution to keep me up and running in business, was dictation software. It’s come a long way since then, but I’m gladly back to hands on keyboard. I have noticed that the manner of writing, by hand, by keyboard or by voice, changes the tenor of the product. Keep track, and let us know if you find that as well.

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    1. I am typing this comment on a standard keyboard because I just happen to like typing better. But, when I’m crashed on the couch, or in bed, and I want to respond to a text, activating the voice prevents me from having this awkward position that could induce more neck pain so I’m glad to know that this is an option.

      Technology has been wonderful for a variety of disabilities, and this is one option I find I’m glad to have discovered.

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    1. I have a Motorola phone. When my keyboard comes up, on the right, there is a little microphone. If I press that one, it tells me to ‘speak now’ and when I do, it types the words I speak. I can take a photo of it if you want and send it to you.

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      1. Thanks Claudette….I get the idea, I thought maybe it was an app you had to download. I just have a basic KL phone from Telus, but like the idea of being able to dictate, as sometimes my brain works faster than I can type! I’ll check into it! Thanks, again.

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