Still not used to new normal

This morning, I got dressed…

Put on boots.

Put on coat.

Put on hat and gloves.

Took car keys.

Got in car. Drove.

Looked for parking on a side street.

Found parking on a frozen snowbank.


Left car.

Remembered to lock car.

Walked to store.

Stepped just inside the automatic door when I realized…

I forgot the mask.

Stepped back outside.

Searched my little baggie that is also my wallet.

Found a disposable medical mask.

Put it on.

Stepped back in store.

Blah blah blah.

When I got home, I checked the green basket for clean cloth masks.

There were none.

Checked the red basket for dirty masks.

It was full.

Filled a large bowl with water and detergent, dumped dirty masks in.

Must remember to rinse and hang up to dry.

Next I refilled my little baggie with more disposable masks because we all know this scenario will repeat itself.

The end.

48 thoughts on “Still not used to new normal

    1. I’m sorry to hear this. But I have found that even introverted people can get fed up with the isolation…sigh. I like being home and alone but… it’s been a year. I want some life back now.

      Try not to fear the virus, but instead respect it. There is a difference. 🙂


      1. I don’t fear the virus so much I guess, I just have additional reasons now as to why going out is a bad idea. As for isolation; I’m used to it. Even before all of this I was never with people. I escape with my writing…

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  1. Many times I have got out of my car and walked to the store and realized I forgot
    My mask.
    It is our new norm.
    Just like the previous post
    I started to place face
    Mask everywhere. In my car coat pockets, and purses, my kids backpacks and coat pockets as well.
    This is our life now.

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  2. I have to wear a mask every day at work, so I keep them all in a plastics shoebox in my car. My Achilles heel is remembering to keep one by the front door. I just throw all of them in a lingerie bag and wash with everything, but air dry. Hopefully this is over soon. I’m done.

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      1. Years… wow. I wonder when I will be able to lip read again. Rarely felt as disabled with my hearing loss as I feel right now. Hearing technology helps, but it’s a little bit weird/cumbersome to slide a remote microphone under the plexiglass or hold it towards every person (stranger/cashier/yni) I want to talk to.

        I had to laugh so much at “Remembered to lock the car.” Since we have remote keys, this is a frequent one for me. 😀 I also can’t count the times nice folks in the parking lot would tell me “You left your rooftop window open.”

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  3. I like how you wrote that recount of your trip to the store. Short and sweet, and everything everyone is going through.

    I do like the analogy to the requirement of seatbelts. Even about ten years ago, my momma was refusing to click her belt. She’d put it over herself like it was on, but it wasn’t.

    Now she clicks it. And she was one of the first ones to wear a mask without complaining.

    One never knows the things anyone will want to rebel against or adhere to for safety’s sake.

    Because I can’t handle one more thing to do these days, I do wear disposable masks. Once we get moved and settled, I will consider cloth ones – one to match every outfit I own. Exactly – one of the main reasons I don’t do it now. Lol.

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    1. I find the clothe ones more comfortable. Nothing but respect for people in professions required to wear the medical masks all day..ugh.

      But I will wear them in a pinch. 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting. ❤️


    1. It’s still a by-law here…

      There is a Brasilian variant spreading now on top of the South African and UK ones, much more contagious (if you believe the talking heads, which is getting more difficult to do with all the inconsistencies). Spreading exponentially. This isn’t over.


  4. It’s only on quick car trips that I forget. I always remember when I walk to the corner market, or when I have to do groceries or the doctor’s office, but a quick trip to the bank, or to get gas, or the laundromat… I forget. I don’t wear one when driving Daughter to or from work, and I guess those other quick trips seem similar in my mind… no people-y interactions.
    I have masks in my wallet, in my glove compartment… I think we’ve all learned to stash them everywhere.

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      1. I keep thinking of it like the seat belt law. It will eventually become habit. I think they’re going to be around for a long time. And honestly, people with colds/coughs should wear them in public even after “herd immunity” or whatever. It’s courteous to keep your kooties to yourself 😉💕🌻

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  5. I look forward to the day when a mask isn’t all the time necessary. Although, I have heard that there are fewer flu cases this season. I think in the future it would be best to have a mask handy if you find yourself in crowd with people coughing.

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