The least interesting thing about me is…?

I’ll start:

My wardrobe.

This is a true statement.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have nice clothes. I have some, a few good-quality pieces I could wear if I was taken out and wined and dined, for instance, but…


Even my everyday clothes are simple and fit well but to call them interesting would be inaccurate. I do not stand out based on what I wear.

My wardrobe truly is an uninteresting thing about me.

Your turn.

See you in the comments!

62 thoughts on “The least interesting thing about me is…?

  1. Mine is my hair, I always have two braids cuz it’s my school code with oily hair too. So I can’t do well with them. In Indian School we have rules regarding our appearance like have two braids, school uniform blah blah… It’s so annoying. Hope. This would end one dayπŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜”

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  2. Food for thought! The least interesting thing about me is probably my wardrobe as well… it’s a lot of black with some white and neutrals thrown in there, but mostly black. Great post!

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  3. Hmmm – I can’t say wardrobe πŸ˜†πŸ€£

    The least interesting thing about me is….my interior decorating skills. I’m super plain, don’t like a lot of decor and keep everything tidy. A date once said my house was ungirly, looked like a bachelor pad. So I bought some pillows for the couch. Voila.

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  4. My television viewing habits. I’d much rather read so when I do watch it’s usually some dry as toast documentary. Love the Trojan War? Ghengis Khan? Ancient pictorial language? I’m your girl.

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      1. Usually environmental appropriation and source identification. Even my co-workers just want the results. I recently commented that it was almost a crime that I get paid to do it because I enjoy it too much on those rare moments I get to use the tools. Eyes rolled.

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      2. Actually, it’s a bit of an art that relies on intuition as much as the numbers. It’s usually iterative… So you get a result, look for patterns, tweak the model, rerun, inuit, rinse/repeat until a pattern emerges that might tell a story. Might.

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  5. Ummm… I cant say clothes cuz you already did. Hmmm… my hair. It’s always in a bun/knot thingy on top of my head, and it’s a boring blondish, brownish, redish, greyish color. I cut my bangs myself so they’re usually too long or too short.

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