Reminiscing a little about my hockey kids

When I’m staying with my mom overnight, the very next morning, something special happens.

Wanna know what it is?

Yes, coffee is included, either because I make it or because she makes it. Whoever gets up first pre-warms the cups and makes coffee, then we sit opposite each other on the sofas strategically placed like that, in the morning sunshine, and sip it. I read my phone, she reads the newspaper, we chat a bit. That’s the routine.

However, before we even take our first sip, this special thing I mentioned happened.

Here it is:

Mom informs me of last night’s hockey game results. 😂

Yep, she is a Hockey Grandma, who informs her Hockey Mom daughter of last night’s score. 🏒

She watches the Maple Leafs play as often as she can. Not always all of the game, but usually at least the first period or two.

Now, do I care about these hockey results?

The answer is…


Usually…sometimes….it depends. 🙄


I mean, I care in a peripheral way how the Maple Leafs are doing, but my life doesn’t depend on whether they won or lost. Currently, while we still wait for the province to re-open a bit, having some NHL news to occupy our brain waves for a few moments is a nice diversion.

We miss it, the regular routine. Mom used to come watch her grandchildren play whenever possible, and none of that was possible the entire last year. Even before covid it was tricky for her to get away because my dad’s illness was making it harder for him to manage on his own.

It’s high time we get those kids back into activities, if you ask me. I even remarked to mom the other day that I miss my daughter’s outdoor practices on Saturdays. If the day was sunny, it was just the perfect outing. She was out exercising with her friends, skating around like a maniac, I was standing rinkside in the winter sun chatting with other hockey moms and dads, and sometimes we wandered up to the Tim Horton’s for a coffee (and some donuts for the skaters after practice)…it was nice, you know?

My son in 2018, Centre #91
My daughter ready to play a ringette game, 2018. She too is a Centre just like her brother.

We have none of this going on now. My kids haven’t gone anywhere other than outside with the dog in over a month, with one or two minor exceptions.

It’s depressing and no matter what the top doctors say about continuing to stay home and let our mental health, and economy, deteriorate to the point of no return, I am very slowly reaching a point of no return myself.

This method of keeping people locked up is not a workable solution.

Anyway, I was reminded of this again today as I walked Tucker down to the lake. On the one side in the park is a pond, and it looks like some parents cleared off the ice. I could see skate marks on it…I know that the city employees do not allow skating on the ponds, but I’m happy to see some people are taking some matters into their own hands. NONE of us want kids to fall through the ice and drown. We’re ALL Canadians. We KNOW how to check for ice thickness and stability. LET the kids PLAY.

That’s my mentality too.

Of course, getting MY kids out to skate at the moment is a bit of a battle. It’s mostly younger kids, pre-teen aged, who head out to the pond. Mine are teens, and teenagers have their own minds and opinions about whom to socialize with, and when.

But that’s not the point. The point is, we are ready to live responsibly outside of our homes again. Don’t try to stop us.

27 thoughts on “Reminiscing a little about my hockey kids

  1. We’ve never even been on lockdown here. Crazy how different things are in certain areas. I agree that the kids should be allowed to do their thing.

    BTW…you warm up your coffee cups first? Doesn’t the coffee do the trick?

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  2. I wonder how much longer we all are going to be waiting to do the things. I long for the freedom to go where I want, but maskless people are more of a problem here than politicians with their rules. sigh

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    1. My Italian aunt in Rome who is in her 80s was told it will be minimum 3 years before we can even consider things to return to normal. I heard 7 years in other countries. Here in Canada they’re saying ‘aggressive lockdowns work’. I wonder what our poverty statistic will say in 2022…and beyond, if this keeps up.

      I have no idea. We have to hang in somehow…Ugh.

      Where are you in the world?

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      1. I’m in the midwest USA in Ohio. I don’t see us getting our vaccinations completed until late summer, and by then who knows how many more small businesses will be out of business. It is depressing, but we are stuck where we are, waiting…

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  3. I should count my blessings. Here, kids are allowed to do a maximum of one organised activity a week. While I might complain about making the twins choose between free-running and karate, I really should appreciate the fact that they do get a choice.

    Hang in there… Vaccines are coming.

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      1. There’s been a fair bit of controversy over here about how slowly the vaccines are being rolled out.

        We are not in any risk groups so we have to wait until June, unless we’re really lucky.

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      2. Us too. I see no urgency in getting the vaccine for any of us immediately since we are not going anywhere or doing anything with anyone. We are all healthy including my mom who is in her 70s so this thing with the vaccines doesn’t impact me much at the moment. But if they could get organized and get on with it for those who need it, if in fact it actually will work, then that would be something I look forward to hearing about. Instead, nothing but delays and issues. It’s a bit frustrating.

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  4. How frustrating! I totally agree, we’re doing more damage to our kids with all these restrictions than the virus could ever do. I say be responsible but I can’t think of anything safer than playing hockey outside on a pond with a dozen or so kids? C

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  5. I’m surprised you’re still on lockdown. California’s Governor has been pretty strict but we moved from full lockdown to the highest restriction at the end of January… once the Holiday spike was easing off. We’re still in highest restriction, but stuff is opening up again.
    It must be bad still in your area.
    I love hockey too!! Wings fan here.

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  6. “We’re ALL Canadians. We KNOW how to check for ice thickness and stability. LET the kids PLAY.”

    I love that statement. It is right up there with “I am a Queenslander, I was BORN knowing how to swim!” And in fact a lot of us are. But kids still drown in swimming pools.

    I can’t really comment on your Covid situation because ours is so different. I do know I couldn’t stay locked up with kids at home for months on end!.

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  7. I feel like, at least to some extent, the people behaving irresponsibly have led to more stringent measures being put in place than would be necessary if everyone would behave responsibly. But because there are enough dingbats getting germy, it screws everyone over.

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  8. I get it. Covid Exhaustion. I really do get it. But your “go outside responsibly” has to be in the same basket as the anti-masker crowd. And the result is that we can no longer manage risk or stop the spread. If you want to take a kid or two to skate on a pond…no real problem. But before you know it, they’re drawing straws to form teams–and meeting in groups. With vaccines really on the horizon, is now the time to throw caution to the wind and trust that everyone will responsibly go about their business? I believe you’ve ranted in the past about folks who don’t take pre-cautions. How do we separate between you…and them? I don’t want to be that person who either spread, or died of, Covid in those last, waning months before we were able to get it under control.


    1. What I’m saying is, go out responsibly. Social distance, wear the mask. Wear two!

      Major economic distress is just around the corner. The federal government fucked up vaccines, borders, and pretty much every other political decision. His top ‘advisors’ have lost credibility pretty much right from the start.

      Also, vaccine protection is not 100%, in fact, I believe it works less effectively than flu shots. If and when we finally get access to them, the economic despair may be beyond repair in the forseeable future.

      I won’t be “spreading” anything. I’m taking kids sledding or to a pond not to a packed statium, for instance. I mean, we don’t even have stores or restaurants open.


      1. There were cops 2 weeks ago at a park not in my neighborhood sending kids home. None of this has happened in my park. Headline in the news.

        The pond thing is a safety thing. Too many people not obeying signs and falling into the water. Ironically there is NO sign anywhere saying stay off the pond here.

        But the politicians are yelling at us from the tv.

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