About pets, not writing and a strange looking food item

For two days I’ve been doing stuff. All sorts of stuff. None of it involved writing.

I’m feeling out of sorts.

Ok, so the above statement isn’t exactly true. I’ve been doing writing stuff, like compose a resume, update a profile, finish up the formatting for an ebook, research and create book covers, blah blah blah.

I also wrote that puppy adventure post the other day, which in hindsight casts a negative light on the poor thing. That was not my intention. I was just trying to describe that I had one of those days with him on that walk – he’s not so different from kids. Remember toddler and preschool years? It was sort of similar, where the joys outweighed the crappy, sleepless, tantrum days but still existed and caused an enormous amount of grief. Temporarily.

It’s nice to have a dog, is what I’m saying. The breed, Beagle, is actually a good match for the family; Tucker has a lot of personality and he’s very entertaining, very affectionate, very cute. Yes, he’s high energy but so what? Gets us moving our butts, too.

Anyway, I ❤ puppy even if he causes some extra shenanigans at times.

Also, the piggie with his abscess is doing fine, since we’re talking animals. He didn’t need a tooth float which is surgery and the price to treat him was half of the estimate and he’s doing okay despite the open hole that allows for continued drainage. Such fun.

Nugget when he came back from the vet. Mom got him some parsley.
This is Nugget getting antibiotic medicine by the mouth. The hole below does not hurt him, he has pain killers for that and allows for continued draining. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Now, where was I?

Ah, yes. Writing. I have a lot of ideas and am currently making a list in evernote in my dad’s home office with the door closed. My mom and I just came back from an appointment and she wanted to stop at a store called Food Emporium. I found the store really expensive but it did have some photograph-able stuff in it which I of course photographed for you.

Check this out:

Buddahand, organic no less.

Buddahand. Also called Budda’s hand.

What is it? A veggie? A root?

Turns out it’s related to lemons and oranges.

Apparently it’s a citrus. Huh.

I wonder if I should have bought one, just for the heck of it? But that would give me another excuse to be away from my writing, and keep me in the kitchen not writing.

Today, I’m keeping it short here on the blog (for once). 😀

Off I go.

PS. If you know anything about this Buddahand fruit, let us know in the comments!


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