Polls do not appear in WordPress reader

Today I opened a chat box with a WordPress Happiness Engineer and asked a question about polls.

Some of you have used polls, or surveys, in your blog posts at times. So have I.

I noticed, as has LA, that the polls do not show up in WordPress reader. Some of us know this from experience, and tell our followers to go to the actual website if they want to participate in the poll.

It was by accident that I noticed the same thing was happening on this blog, Harmony Books & Films, LLC. He uses polls after each segment in his post, but I couldn’t see them while reading him in WP reader, and wondered where he got his statistics from when he shared them in a follow-up post. So I clicked on his website and lo, there were the polls, after each paragraph.


Anyway, I want answers. So I sent the message to WP and as I type this the person I’m dealing with is digging deeper. Believe it or not, they were unaware that these pesky polls were not showing up in reader.


Fast forward a couple of hours:


The Happiness Engineer whom I spoke with today was unfamiliar with this issue and consulted with a colleague. They were unable to give me a reason, or solution, but did acknowledge that it was a problem they are working on.

So…moral of the story is, if you use polls in your posts, and you want people to participate in them (blog readers love surveys and polls!) you must tell them to click on your actual website since they do not appear in reader. I know for a fact that many people who read blogs read them in reader and, most likely, in mobile (phone or tablet).

You’re welcome. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Polls do not appear in WordPress reader

  1. Thank you. I got a stupid answer when I posed this question. They told me they don’t appear in reader because reader is supposed to be a quick way of looking at posts. I said it’s self defeating because most people use reader, and it helps everyone if all blocks offered can be utilized….ridiculous

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    1. The thing is, if you want people to do the poll, you need to tell them to go to your site even if you yourself don’t use reader. Because most people in my experience read in reader and then they’d miss your poll.

      But yeah, it’s not really a huge topic for people who don’t use polls often. Or at all. I rarely do but did a couple of times which is how I discovered this whole thing.

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  2. I haven’t done the poll thing yet because as you say I see bloggers talking about the stats from a poll that I never saw? Thank you for doing the sleuth work for me! I don’t think I’ve ever been to most of the sites on Reader? This might call for a field trip? What do you do polls on? Just curious, C

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    1. People can do all sorts of polls for all sorts of reasons. I think I asked once if we should get a puppy (duh). I blabbed on for a while that it was really not something I was on board with but the family really, really wanted a dog, yada yada I put up the poll and… I can’t even remember what the answer was. Anyway it’s futile now because we have a puppy. 🙂

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