Beagle puppy = mud everywhere

So it’s not cold enough here in Toronto (yet) to freeze the mud which means dog paw wiping shenanigans must occur upon entry into the house.

This does not go well.

Tucker is now…7ish months?

What? It wasn’t me…

But let me tell you towels are his favorite toy to chew, rip, or play with. So imagine what happens when I try to wipe the paws when I get home from a muddy walk…

Anyway, I have now perfected the return into the house.

This is the consecutive order of events that must occur in order to avoid inevitable bites, scratches or dirty paw prints all over me:

  1. Enter from back door without dog
  2. Close baby gate to prevent him walking into the house with mud on paws
  3. Lay down towel, keep second towel nearby
  4. Ensure either leash and/or harness are still on him when he does enter
  5. Attempt wiping with towel, anticipate failure
  6. Open bathroom door (in same hallway gated off by baby gate)
  7. Run an inch of water into the tub
  8. Collect pissed-off puppy by dragging on leash, or, better yet, grabbing on handle of harness (note, I am the only one who puts a harness on him)
  9. Lift pup into tub. Water should not reach his belly. This is not a full bath, just a foot, er, paw bath
  10. Swirl paws around to loosen mud
  11. Make mental note to scrub tub later
  12. Take 3 steps into hall and retrieve both towels, lay on bathroom floor
  13. Lift pooch out and onto towel
  14. Attempt to dry the now clean but wet paws without getting mauled/scratched/nipped by puppy who thinks this is a game
  15. Let him out of gate, close gate so I can clean up dirty tub and wet towels
  16. Cry/make tea/eat sugary treats or chocolate/pour wine/something harder
  17. Repeat 2-4 times per day until June. (It’s January.)

Now, before you ask if the family participates in this activity, the two males do. They don’t do the bath but they wipe with much complaining (at the dog, not me) which is fine. They have their method, I have mine.

But I’ll tell you something. As much as I love warm, dry, sunny weather, there is something to be said about frozen mud. Especially when you have dogs and/or small children. Remember toddlers? (omg)


At least, after all that happens after a muddy walk, this happens:

I hate baths…

Maybe I should do the same. πŸ™ƒ

29 thoughts on “Beagle puppy = mud everywhere

  1. A lot of work for all that cuteness. It does give me a new perspective of my neighbors. At first I thought they were terrible…their poor dogs always outside, filthy and dirty, but then I thought about how it would be impossible to keep an outdoor dog clean. The ground is always dirty or muddy. Even if they bathed the dog every day it would be dirty again as soon as it was out of the bath.

    As adorable as puppies are, I think I’ll stick to cats. πŸ™‚ All I have to do is scoop a litterbox and brush her once a day.

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      1. Poor things are out right now in the pouring rain. I can’t see the back yard so I don’t know if they have shelter or not. I hope so. Especially that sweet little puppy.

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  2. Sounds like you have it down to a science, but Tucker is so very cute, he would be worth all the mess! Maybe with this spell of colder weather the ground will freeze soon and give you a break.

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  3. We have full snow cover right now. But in muddy weather, we wipe the cats’ feet. They don’t quite get it, but, if they’re otherwise wet, they get a full rub-down, which they really like. (That’s good, so they don’t take off in the other direction when they see the towel.) Right now, my Mum has a new puppy. She’s glad she did it, but right now (at 12 weeks) she’s wearing Mum out.

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  4. Awe, loved reading your post and it is quite the same in our place with Gibson except we do not have baby gates. Towels by the door and a small bath in the tub to clean his feet. I think we are all in love with Tucker, at least I am. Lots of love and hugs.

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