Monday blues

Good morning from a freezing cold bedroom. I had both the heater and the electric blanket going, and when I was warmed up, went to make coffee, and returned to the bedroom with my hot mug where I immediately felt overheated.

Women in midlife are such fun, eh? 🙄😄

I have been up since 4:30 am. There was nothing going on in my phone except on twitter. Someone is always on twitter. Most of the stuff on twitter though is stupid so I went to Kindle in dark mode and read some indie author books.

Did you know today is Blue Monday? It doesn’t feel any different from any of the last 40+ Mondays what with COVID but hey if you wanna celebrate depressing Mondays, go ahead. 🙄

Anyway I have a full day of nothing planned. Or, the plan is same old as always these days. Here’s my plan: Write something if the writing gods are willing to let the words flow, eat something without white flour and sugar in it, and drive Mom to an appointment. I’m staying at her house for this reason, to chauffeur her around. It’s a nice change of pace not to mention change of scenery.

Earlier I saw some pictures of heavy snow that fell in Michigan which is practically in Toronto’s backyard geographically speaking so I’m wondering if snow fell here too and if not, when it will arrive.

But I haven’t looked outside yet. It’s still dark…

Other than that…same old.

Good morning Blue Monday. Do not piss me off today. 🙃

14 thoughts on “Monday blues

  1. I have four days of similar plans coming up (well… apart from helping with homeschooling Miss 16, and doing chores). I reckon I might get to the bottom of the dirty washing basket by Friday.

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  2. It depends upon how you define “heavy snow.” This year has been so depressingly sparse that I’m reveling in the two or three inches we got. But normally, by this time, we’d have a “base” of several feet. We have less than a foot. It’s hardly even winter. So, who is it said Michigan had heavy snow?

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    1. The pictures I saw looked pretty. 😄

      The only reason I said heavy is because in one of the pictures the snow weighed down the pine tree’s branches, making it look like wet (heavy) snow, rather than light, fluffy snow. Heavy snow is loved by kids for building forts and snowmen, no? ❄️🏔️☃️⛷️


  3. I’ve spent most of the day drinking coffee and looking at screens.

    Once I’ve finished working, I shall be drinking tea and looking at different screens.

    It’s an exciting life we’re all reading at the moment.

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