Christmas Eve gratefulness

I’m cleaning.

They said they’d get it done before Christmas Eve when I asked them yesterday and the day before and the week before that.

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s not done.


Welcome to life with teens. 🙃

I know this is going to be a little bit of a weird celebration for all of us due to covid. The only person we are seeing this Christmas is my mom and only because she’s been in our bubble since the beginning of this pandemic. We are seeing no one else from the other side of the family which is strange since that’s usually the party side. 🙂

But we all want covid and its mutations to move on and let us get back to our lives, so we are taking this protocol for lockdown seriously despite its incredibly inconsistent managing by all the powers that be. I could rant about it, or go hang out at an airport and live-tape the incoming thousands of passengers from the US and elsewhere in the world and post it all over social media, but that won’t do anyone any good. We are all trying hard to remain positive, so let’s do that. Let’s focus on what we have, on what is good.

You’ll have to help me because I’m not good at positivity.

But I’ll start:

I have this blog and you. My readers, supporters, encouragers. Yes, it takes time to nurture a blog like mine. I’m happy to do it for as long as I still can. Because more good comes out of me writing here than not writing here. I feel this deep within my writing gene. So thank you for reading and commenting. ❤

I have a family and a place to live. Sure, it may require cleaning and decluttering but is still a place I call home. Not only that, I have a second, part-time home at my mom’s house, where I can go at any time to write, to be, to decompress, with or without other family members. Many people are less fortunate than I am. I know this and I am grateful for that.

I have my health. In fact, I feel healthier physically than I have for much of my 30s and 40s. I managed to maintain my weight more or less despite fluctuating perimenopause symptoms, and despite covid screwing up my new-found love affair of boot camp. My eczema that bothered me for almost two years is gone. The only thing that is still troubling me is my degenerative hearing loss which I know cognitively will not ever get better, but for now, that deterioration is slow(ish) and with digital technology I am able to manage just fine.

Aside note: for my birthday in October I was gifted some wireless Soundcore headsets. I use those to listen to music, which has been absent from my life for too long. Because of those wireless headsets I’m able to contain my rage when I clean or declutter this place. How can I be mad when I listen to Andrea Bocelli sing Adeste Fideles… (swoon).

By the way, wireless headsets are used by my teen daughter too, and she has perfect hearing. (Or selected hearing which is a temporary symptom of teenagehood.) Ha.

So, on that note, I am going to turn on some Christmas music, help the husband locate the bacon he wants to wrap the turkey with (I don’t know where he put it or why he’s asking me where it is…maybe he should ask the dog that questions) and go check on the progress of the teen’s cleaning activities.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

22 thoughts on “Christmas Eve gratefulness

  1. Feast of Hogmanay, Scotland, sweep the threshold and prepare to welcome the “First Footer” to bring a token gift of good fortune, like a lump of coal to warm the hearth.

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      1. Thanks! This is my maiden voyage; I haven’t had training yet, and I can’t find where/how to edit the first draft and continue setting up. Ant suggestions?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Are you one of WordPress’s Happiness Engineers? I am trying to find a way to un-enroll from my blog/account/address/courses or anything else Imay have signed on for inadvertently. I do not want to launch a blog. I have observed that I would be “preaching to the choir” and there are so many choir members sending my posts, I may soon have no time for my life outside WordPress. I hope te get a refund for the fivrr design thing I didn’t like at first bite, but I can’t find any live person to deal with. Thanks. Georgeanne

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      3. I’m not a Happiness Engineering but found them quite responsive whenever I had questions.

        If you launched a free blog you should be able to deactivate it easily enough. Click the help icon (question mark) and search for delete or deactivate account.

        Good luck.


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