Some early Christmas cheer

I sent exactly one Christmas card out this year. To Rome, Italy where my dad’s sister lives.

That’s it.

Not feeling it, this year.

Except…I am getting Christmas cards!

There’s a particularly special one among them this year. It’s a card I received from Matt, a blogger I follow.

He contacted me and asked if he could send me a Christmas card, and then he and his wife created it and everyone signed it. šŸŽ„

Well maybe not the cat … šŸ˜ƒ

The top one is from Matt. ā¤ļø

Matt has also become by 3rd patron on my Patreon page. You can check out his blog here. I’m thrilled to bits that people are interested in reading me there!

Happenings on Patreon:

Chapter 3b, the email from Nick to Sabrina in the ongoing story The challenge, is in editing format and I hope to post it this weekend. (Correct: I’m posting it this weekend.) I wrote the story and released its chapters both here on the blog and on Patreon but will continue the racier side of the romance between my two characters only on Patreon. I have many ideas for Nick and Sabrina…just sayin’. šŸ™‚

I also have another memoir chapter almost ready. Remember the story about the little girl with the enormous headache? Some of those chapters were released on my blog here some time ago. (They are/were being edited.)

That would be me. I was the little girl with the enormous headache.

If you feel like scrolling around the free (unlocked) content on my Patreon page, please do. Looking forward to developing my indie writing over the holiday break.


I was reminded of something last night. When my partner came back from a local Flying Club (he’s a pilot) where he did some instructor training, he carried a small box into the house.

It was a Christmas gift to show appreciation to the employees at the club.

Now this in itself is rather special, isn’t it. But here’s the especially special part.

This local flying club put some real genuine thought into the gift. I mean, everyone likes extra money, and many companies are gifting their staff with financial bonuses, but what appealed to me with this flying club was the actual nature of the gift. A well thought out, not to mention mindful of the times, Christmas present.

The oil and honey were sourced at a nearby local farm. The gift card is toward a large grocery chain. The Christmas card remarked on how challenging a year this has been for many people which was the reason why they went with the grocery gift card and the support toward small business with the oil and honey selection.

Isn’t it sad that the employees at Walmart et al will probably not get a locally sourced gift as a token of their appreciation? (Or perhaps they will, I don’t know, I’m making a bold assumption here. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

Here’s hoping you’re having a lovely, stress-free weekend in anticipation of a lovely, quiet, stress-free Christmas coming up in less than a week.

(I better go plan the holiday meal – neither of my kids are big fans of turkey so I have to get creative).

See you in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Some early Christmas cheer

  1. Christmas atmosphere? I have decided to create around me the Christmas atmosphere, minimize reading or listening to news, we renovate the tree, we put together the birth and at night I listen to music from carols. With plague or without plague Christmas is not canceled.

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  2. Thanks for the updated post, that truly means a lot and you might not be feel the spirit of Christmas this year but it’s in you my dear talented beautiful friend from up North :D… Jess, Me & Nigel Appreciate the the ā¤

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  3. It’s always important to support local businesses… but never more so than now. Some friends of ours just had to close their lovely little cafe and it broke their hearts. All those years of hard work wiped out in mere months. Very sad.

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