Family life in lockdown: funky smelling modern conveniences

I turned on the self clean on my oven last night.

Main reason for this activity in the middle of Christmas cookies baking season?

A chestnut exploded.

You see, I was roasting some chestnuts in the oven because it just so happens we do not have an open fire. I must have not cut the shell on one deep enough because the resulting mess of exploded chestnuts required more than just a wipe down.

Anyway I waited until after I finished roasting chicken legs to press the self clean button. Chicken always makes a drippy mess in the oven…(we roast chicken regularly). The oven was due a cleaning anyway, I figured now is as good a time as any.

After dinner, my son had kitchen duty, and I went to the basement to clean the guinea pig cage. Shortly after I was done my partner needed to zoom a guy in his commercial pilot class who is looking to become a flight instructor. He uses a portion of the basement as his home office.

I went back upstairs to give him privacy and turned on the self clean. Then I sat down with a glass of brandy.

A short while later, there was a smell. A disruptive smell.

I remembered then why I typically run that self clean thing when most of us are out of the house…

So I got back up and opened every window. It was cold outside, below the freezing mark, but the smell from the high heat cleaning thingy was annoying.

The timer on the oven said 3 hours. It was about 7 pm by this time.


A little while later the family came upstairs one by one.

“What’s that smell?”

“It smells disgusting up here!”

I suggested they go play with the dog outside. Or take him for a walk.

I’m so helpful with my parental suggestions, aren’t I? 😃

Then my partner came up. He stared at me.

“What?” I said.

“You cleaning the oven now?” he wanted to know.

“I got cookie dough in the fridge which needs baking tomorrow, and it was due anyway,” I responded.

He didn’t look happy. I suggested we could also leave the back door open if it bothered him.

Then, he said this:

“We should run it when we’re all out of the house.”

Perhaps he’d forgotten we are in LOCKDOWN.

It is a rare occasion the entire family is not home for an extended 3 hours these days…🙄 It wasn’t so rare pre-COVID, but things have changed rather dramatically in the past 10 months, haven’t they?

Don’t answer that. Boo.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I could have planned it better. And besides, running it after 7 pm kicks in a lower tier on the electrical charges…

The family ended up making popcorn and opted to watch Grand Tour on the tv downstairs leaving me with puppy on the main floor. I had a few moments of silent bliss. The smell wasn’t really bad; I sat on the part of the couch near the open window and the blankets (and brandy) kept me from freezing to death. 🙃

This morning, there is only a lingering bit of smell left, which will be aired out in a bit, and later replaced with cookie smell.

But first, I must drive a teenager to school. And then, I must colour my blond streaks blonder. I will do this as soon as I finish typing this thing and drinking more coffee.

Happy Friday! What’s up in your corner for today?

23 thoughts on “Family life in lockdown: funky smelling modern conveniences

      1. My hair is very fast growing which is partly why it doesn’t matter what I do to the lower part of my hair. A. I can always chop it off and B. It’ll grow back in a few months time. 🙂

        My son inherited my hair and is so upset about it (haircuts every 4-6 weeks) whereas my daughter did not and she is also upset because she wants long hair and it’s taking YEARS for her hair to grow to the length she wants.

        Ha. 🙂

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  1. Reminds me of walking outside and smelling the burned air of the heatings from the chimneys, you know. It smelled so intense this year, it reminded me of my childhood. And how I sometimes loved to smell smoke, but then also hated it and got sick of it.

    But my own heating system also still burns oil, so what can I say…

    Would have replaced all of that, if it would have been possible and made any difference, but I guess now it is pointless anyway, I guess.

    Good luck and I hope the chest nut was worth the trouble. 😀

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