Morning chit chat

My ear hurts. The one I can still hear out of. This sucks, but also doesn’t. Perhaps today will be a welcome quiet day for me? I could write more, since there’s nothing else to do these days, and without hearing things like people talking, I may be able to concentrate better…

I woke with the ear pain this morning. I am not prone to ear infections at all. I can clearly remember only one ear infection ever, and that was some years ago. Never in childhood or any other time when I was sick with Meningitis. Which is interesting because the illness caused me to lose much of my hearing…

I’m not really worried about it. And, since I don’t go to school, there is no one to breathe down my neck about getting a covid test. Ear aches don’t register on the list of symptoms but knowing my kids’ school board and all the surging numbers in this area, if I were a student they would have sent me to get tested.

Like they did my daughter. She had a headache which I suspect was brought on by the change of atmospheric pressure (we have snow today, and bitterly cold temperatures), something I react to as well with similar symptoms. But, the schools in the city are hyper vigilant and paranoid and they emailed us to get her tested and to keep the other kid at home as well and yada yada – 12 hours later she’s negative.

Next up? They want to ‘extend’ the Christmas break and/or switch to full-time online learning again in the New Year.

I saw it coming. We’re prepared. We’re in a good place, unlike many families who will be struggling so much again, just like last spring. Only this time, it’ll be so much harder to get the kids outside to burn energy due to the weather conditions not being particularly play-friendly. Unless we get more snow. That would really help.

For now, we got his much:

Those are Tucker’s paw prints. He licked the snow, did his business, and then came back in. Too cold without his coat.

Want to know what the little troublemaker has been up to in the past 24 hours?

He decided that the Christmas tree stand is his new water bowl. Hah.


I also saw him try to pull a branch of the Christmas tree with his teeth. I don’t know why, or what he was thinking…this was yesterday before I had the lights on the tree. The ornaments are still in the attic and I’m really hesitating getting those down…

I’ll probably do that today though. Let the adventures begin!

A few minutes ago I downed my third coffee when my partner announced he forgot that he has a meeting today and it’s starting in 15 minutes. This was basically an alert for me that he will not be available to walk the poochie like he usually does in the morning.

Given the amount of coffee I drank already, I’m thinking, this will be a very short walk. Perhaps only 20 minutes or so. Of course, it’ll probably take that long to get dressed in all the layers and then undressed again after I get back which will mean I will have had a full workout while the puppy will have had a 20 minute walk.

And by walk, I mean stop and sniff and eat whatever he picks up.

Not exactly a cardio workout.

So, that’s my morning so far. How’s your day going?

25 thoughts on “Morning chit chat

  1. I like the chit, but I have to admit, I found the chat a little less compelling.

    J/K. It’s all good. I second Deb about changes in barometric pressure causing earaches. That’s very common, and why some people experience ear problems when flying. I’m surprised you haven’t experienced one before. I’m SURE it’s not COVID!

    Speaking of, our statewide cases are down 20%. Not sure if it’s just a temporary drop, but I hope the trend continues.

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  2. Barometric pressure influences ears as well, especially if you have any hint of water in there. We always have problems screening babies (who often have fluid in ears after birth) with weather changes. Makes for bringing lots of babies back to re-test.

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    1. How come no one ever told me that? Thank you very much for educating me.

      I’m actually better. I don’t have an ear ache anymore to the degree that I feel it, although it’s not completely gone. I do have a really dry throat. I just keep drinking water. πŸ™‚

      Whatever it was this morning has passed, I think.

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  3. my morning was three hours of shoveling sigh…My body is spent, we had about a foot of snow…Took long because I had to shovel out two spaces, helped some elderly neighbors and shoveled a path from the building to the lot because the grounds crew was lazy enough not to do that, I had to shovel two spots Because i was told to move my car for the plow even though I was parked where I was told by apt mgmt…I am tired, pissed at the B.S. of the apt complex and glad I took the day off.

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  4. Well, thanks for sending that cold front to the south. It reached all the way to Central Florida, and our temperatures are only in the mid 60’s today. Long pants for today and tomorrow before it gets back into the 70’s.

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  5. Bear is 5, he doesn’t intentionally mess with the tree but we still have to put non-breakable ornaments at tail height because he get so excited sometimes that he wags his tail and hits the tree.

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