Sneaky beagle story, and some other chit chat

This morning was cold. Frigid. I know some states close to the border near me have snow and I know snow is in the forecast for Toronto this week so when I opened the door to let the Beagle puppy out for a pee I was… cold.

But the house was warm. I didn’t have my housecoat on and went to make coffee and all that stuff. It was still dark out at just past 6 am.

I typically leave the door slightly ajar so the dog can get back inside without me. Right?

Well after I made coffee and puttered around with the pillows on the couch and picked up my phone and made myself comfortable I realized Tucker wasn’t in his usual spot expecting a snuggle from me.

So I got back up and wandered over to the back door. I was not wearing a housecoat but figured a quick call would be enough to bring the pooch back inside.


I called. I opened the door further and called again. I stepped outside onto a thin layer of ice in one spot on the back porch and called louder.

No Tucker.

I went even further out and leaned over the railing. By now, I’m freezing. My nighty is a summer thing, which suits me in winter only because I sleep with an electric blanket. I’m a less is more kinda gal, you know?

Tucker remained elusive.

So I muttered some swear words under my breath, went into the bedroom, got my fleece housecoat, put it on, walked back outside and looked for the sneaky beagle.

No Tucker. Sigh.

By now the husband is up. He’s wondering what all the commotion is about. I’m frustrated…Tucker is old enough now at five and a half months to pee without a leash and us standing nearby to make sure he does.

I gave up. I said:

“I don’t know where he went, are you sure the fence is secure?” and went back to the counter to finish making my coffee.

The husband wandered outside.

Just then, in my peripheral vision, I see a movement. I turn my face toward the couch and see the sneaky little beagle puppy, all curled up with his eyes closed.


I mean…he watched us from there looking for him the whole time? Isn’t this more like cat behaviour? (I had two cats once so I know this is a fact.)

Little beagle didn’t even react to his name. Just…ignored all the activity from the hoomans.



Fast forward to a bunch of issues with empty bins and baskets, some laundry, some relocation of some small furniture in the living room to accommodate a tree πŸŽ„ which we still haven’t picked up, some inquisitive questions about the state of health for one of the kids who had a minor headache, a whole bunch of kitchen duties resulting in a pot of soup currently bubbling on the stove, and a burnt hand.


I don’t know why I didn’t remember that the particular lid I was using wasn’t insulated. I touched it and burnt the upper part of my palm. BLAH.

But, I’m listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Christmas music and… it’s lovely.

Then I sprinkled cookies. πŸ™ƒ

Perhaps later, I’ll head to the post office and the Healthy Planet, perhaps I will send the husband instead.

I have a story ready to publish, it just needs a final edit.

Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “Sneaky beagle story, and some other chit chat

  1. It’s freezing here today as well with absolutely frigid wind chills. I’m warm in the house while the husband decided this would be a great day to prune trees. I seriously doubt that man’s sanity at times.
    Burns are the worst, hope yours heals quickly and without issue. It’s a great excuse not to cook… use it!

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