Trying not to jinx it

The internet gods of yesterday have shriveled up and died.

Or went to bother someone else, I don’t know. I do know however, that other people in the area had trouble with this internet provider my mom is using (where I am staying, currently). I sent a message out on twitter to their helpline and a couple of hours later there were 13 other people who jumped in on my thread to complain about their lackluster service, too.

But today, Sunday morning, the internet is working wonderfully.

(I just smacked myself for trying to jinx it – sheesh)

Anyway. Happy Sunday! I have been writing like a maniac this morning! One story is done, the follow-up going into editing and review mode, and a third one is percolating in my brain. πŸ™‚ I may post these stories under a pseudonym, or maybe on Patreon. We shall see.

How are your writing projects coming along?

This morning a friend asked me how I edit my work. He wanted to know about printers, because sometimes re-reading a hard copy helps to see things you might miss while typing online.

This is true to some degree. I remember when I first started writing my memoir, I wrote in Word, double space, then printed it out to edit before going back into the app to fix mistakes.

I no longer do this. Although Word and other word processors have good editing functions built into their applications these days, I find that I’d rather just write in Evernote. Not only is Evernote easily loadable across all my devices without having to open a separate document, I can sync it easily as well. Plus, I use tags for each piece I write that helps me search for something in particular if I should forget some crucial thing, or if I have changed the title of a chapter.

Ingenious, if you ask me.

So, back before covid, I sometimes sat in a cold rink for an hour or more. Occasionally, I would chat with people, other times, I would find a spot to sit and catch up on some writing or editing using Evernote. At the very least, I had forward propulsion with that app, you know?

Nowadays, I still love Evernote but I rarely leave the house anymore. I use the app on my laptop for writing, and sometimes the phone app to re-read or make notes.

I’m stuck at home. Like many of us are. Lockdown continues to expand across our province as of Monday and will continue across the holidays.

It is what it is.

At least, I’m writing.

In other news, I saw a falcon attack and catch a squirrel in a pine tree while sitting here in front of mom’s bay window. They were in a deadlock for a bit, then the squirrel got away. I’m convinced it has some deep wounds.

The falcon was behind the birch in the pine tree. He’s not in this picture.

There is a birch tree in front of the pine tree (closer to the house) where mom hung a bird feeder full of peanut pieces, which the woodpeckers love.

One of three regulars.

I watch them, too. There’s three of them, two are the youngsters I think.

Happy Sunday!!

20 thoughts on “Trying not to jinx it

  1. I enjoyed your critter pictures! And I’m so happy that you are writing and publishing. I’m preparing a move and writing has halted some. After being in my RV four years I decided to buy a tiny home again. Covid really put a halt to traveling. But this will help me with my writing goals and keep me β€œrooted”. Keep up the great work! Stay safe and healthy! πŸ’š

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  2. The circle of life is fascinating. Last summer we swapped our chlorinated swimming pool to fresh water. It now houses some plants, some fish and a plethora of other things. Most recently some extremely cute little frogs who are making a racket all night and laying eggs much to the Unicorn’s excitement. The downside of this is having to get up in the middle of the night and remove cane toads before they too try to lay eggs which will hatch into noxious little tadpoles that will kill everything that tries to eat them!!!

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