Weekend plans

Well actually that title is deceiving because I have no plans beyond same old. 😶

I did decide I will leave horrible naughty hyper Beagle puppy behind this time as I make my way to my mom’s house for the weekend. Typically I pack up dog and myself and spend the weekend with her, leaving the family at home (their choice – they are invited to come).

I’m fine with them staying home. I need a break from everyone. And a chance to write and catch up on everything I didn’t have a chance to catch up on all week.

We’re dog sitting. Molly is going home today. She tolerated Tucker but just barely. There’s a 13-year age difference between them and let me tell you, I felt bad for both dogs.

Tucker so badly wants to play! He’s a puppy, right? But grandma Molly ain’t interested.

Molly girl is almost 14

I kept them mostly apart, but when they were together, I kept a leash on Tucker so we could apprehend him should he get the idea that Molly would welcome some humping.

She didn’t, and doesn’t. Ha. 🙃

Molly has a special relationship with my daughter. They grew up together. See? This is them 10 years ago.

2 year old girl child with Molly 10 years ago

Anyway, she’s getting picked up around noon today so I’ll get myself ready to head out after that. Mom has new (faster) internet, but needs a little bit of help with some computer issues, so I’ll see if I can help her with that.

My weekend plans don’t sound particularly exciting, do they…

One thing is, her town has less restrictions than Toronto where I live, so I may be able to head into a store or two. Did someone say it was Christmas time? It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Typically on Saturday evening, my family joins my mom and I for dinner and a visit. They come and eat, giving mom some bubble-allowed family time, and then they return home again. It’s a covid thing, and a nice diversion from the otherwise mundane routine.

Last weekend she made trout with lemon and arborio rice. Weekend before we had pork tenderloin with…I forget, mashed potatoes I think. 🙂

Anyway, off I go to get showered, and the dogs walked.

Happy Friday.

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