Missing: relaxation (reason: puppy)

My back’s been sore for days now. So finally today I decided a bath with Epsom salts might help me out a bit. This was after my exercises, and the 2+ hours of using the tens system while writing at the dining table.

I don’t know who it was that exited the bedroom last; could have been me, or him. He was leaving the house for an errand right around the time I was getting ready for my bath. I said “make sure you keep the dog behind the gate when you leave”.

I mean…we do that usually. We did. Did we?

I keep bathroom supplies overflow in the closet in the bedroom…and the mirrored sliding doors obviously were not closed, either.

He got in somehow and dragged all that stuff out of the closet before shredding it to bits.

Then he got to my bedside table and took the tissue box and a bunch of my paperbacks.

He had a great time, the little lunatic.

Ask me how relaxed I was when I entered the bedroom to get dressed.

Actually, scrap that. Do not ask me that.

I banished him into the hall. Behind the locked gate.

The door on the right with the dirt marks is the bedroom. Dirt marks courtesy Tucker the little rascal.

Anyone want a Beagle puppy?

45 thoughts on “Missing: relaxation (reason: puppy)

  1. Someone said to me: When dogs are left alone they feel abandonment and retaliate by breaking and spreading. I don’t know if this is true. But Tucker won a season in the hallway.

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  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry! The first year my sister and I had our puppies mine stuck his nose into my buttermilk pie at thanksgiving and they worked together to knock the Christmas turkey off the counter. They are lucky to have survived. Things get better once they are out of the puppy phase.

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