Boots, selfies, and some link-love

There was a day last week when I told my partner that we needed to get out of the house so I could wear my new boots.

He said ‘it would be so nice to go out for dinner”.

We haven’t been out to eat since before covid and even then, it was usually at a sports bar after a kid’s hockey game.

I don’t typically wear those boots to the rink… sigh.

I was feeling depressed and neglected and shirking my responsibilities all in the name of wallowing in self-pity.

(Don’t try to pick a fight with me on the internet for admitting this, I’ll block you.)

Anyway, I dug out a dress that would suit my boots and took some selfies.

It’s what I do. My blog, my fantasies, my self-absorption. I’ve been locked down since March and I just don’t give a fuck anymore. Especially because they’re telling us MORE restrictions are coming for Toronto.

Here you go. Pretend we’re meeting at a local bar for a chat and some nice boozy beverages. And some snacks. Us ladies need snacks with booze, right?

I feel like a flight attendant here. Of course, I used to be a flight attendant…๐Ÿ™ƒ

I showed the pictures to my partner. He said “it would be so nice to go out for a nice dinner”.


Thanks a lot covid.

It’s interesting that after all the years of not wanting to socialize, of introverting and seeking peace and solitude pretty much constantly, I’m now experiencing some sort of a ‘surge’ for socializing. Except…


No reason why I can’t play with my selfie feature on my new phone though, right? ๐Ÿ™„

But, alas, I had other things to do. So, I took the dress off, put the boots back in the box and shoved it in the back of the closet, and went back to my stuff.


I’m having a horribly unproductive Saturday here even though I’m at my mom’s where I am faced with few distractions. Why? Because her internet is choppy. It’s causing me a lot of grief.

The good news is, it’s getting upgraded (changing provider) next Wednesday which means by next weekend, when I return, I should be able to do all my stuff without these constant technical interruptions.

I’m waiting for something to upload, so I came here to blog about my day. And post boots selfies. Also, I’m being hassled by a new follower to write about my boots and so I did. (Happy now? You know who you are. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Speaking of new followers, I have a few I thought I’d mention. Thank you for reading, and especially commenting!

Welcome to my blog, and nice to meet you!

Singing and Sauerkraut

“As an opera singer in Germany, singing and sauerkraut are two constants for me. This is a blog where I break down life on the opera audition circuit and German opera practices in general. I might also write about keeping healthy as a singer from time to time โ€“ thatโ€™s where the sauerkraut comes in!”

The Eclectic Contrarian (I think the theme you picked is not loading properly, I’m having trouble accessing the posts)

“My intentions for this site are to be a resource of information and knowledge the Lord has blessed me with in my lifetime. I intend to cover a plethora of topics. There is not any particular singular theme here. Other than truth. I highly encourage deep, independent thought. The scriptures Iโ€™ve posted with the website name are my mantra.”

Harmony Books & Films, LLC

“I hope you find this blog interesting and informative, and if so; please share it with your friends. Also, if you have interesting and/or information materials suitable for this blog, please send them to me.”

Blessed with a Star on the Forehead

“Still single, still here. Loving life and feeling grateful. 53 years old, but feel like I am 25.ย  Still writing about dating and other details about my life and my surroundings.ย  Welcome, browse around, stay awhile and share your thoughts! Blessings to you on your journey!”

I hope everyone is having a more exciting Saturday than I am. Stay safe out there, and wear your mask so we can get this BS behind us and get on with living life again.

Happy weekend. See you in the comments.

62 thoughts on “Boots, selfies, and some link-love

  1. You literally made me smile. I have read many blogs but this one was direct and amazing. Doesnโ€™t matter that Iโ€™m a 14-year-old girl. Itโ€™s just that I found it extremely relatable. You wonโ€™t believe that I too have new black boots and I havenโ€™t wore it for once! So, you see, I felt like youโ€™re seriously talking about me.
    A big thanks to you for writing this blog. Lots of love and good wishes.

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  2. Perhaps this will make you feel better about your Saturday. We are relentlessly trying to complete our anti-erosion landscaping around the barn. Rick has sculpted out the terracing, and I am transplanting the groundcover. It matters not that it is 34 degrees out there, and snowing as I plant; it is important that it be done so the plants can get a jump on spring and help to hold the fragile soils. So most of my day was spent on my knees, digging in tiny sprigs of ground cover, every three or four inches. I have at least another day of it–if my freezing fingers and knees can take it. So, selfies in new boots suddenly seem upscale, even if you can’t go out and show them off.

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    1. Such a different world…

      I used to desire the off-grid farm lifestyle. Maybe not off-grid, but country, digging, plants, animals, nature… I wanted to raise kids on a big property.

      But that is no longer my wish.

      Good luck with the rest of your project.

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      1. I’ve done both, urban bungalow and acreage. At this point in my life, this suits me. As much as the open spaces seems to make sense with kids, it’s also isolating. Other than my niece’s kids, I don’t see many young people really embracing an outdoor lifestyle. I wonder why not? As kids we were eager to be out and free–but I guess we didn’t have smart phones and had to make do with hiking, swimming, canoeing and the like.

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      2. Quite a few families who visit my blog live this lifestyle you mention. Many are along the Atlantic coast…it does exist.

        My partner is actively looking for a house that is in the country but still connected to all the amenities and his job. That is just a bit less urban. A town rather than a city which he feels is a compromise with my wants and needs.

        I’ve lost my desire to do so much physical/outdoor work like I did/wanted to, but would rather embrace a more intellectually stimulating lifestyle now.

        Not sure how we’ll mesh these ideas in the future. It’s a challenge.


      3. Before we purchased, we determined qualitative minimums. We didn’t need to be attached to a big city– a smaller city with amenities was the objective. To get the things we wanted (some culture, good medical facilities, diverse political spectrum) it seemed one needed a population base of about 60,000, a local college or university, and some “tourist draw,” (local beauty or historic interest), because that would support restaurants, outdoorsy companies and galleries.) We wanted to be in an area with sustainable agriculture–so there’d be fresh foods and farmers’ markets. One could take this same formula and look to the smaller villages and towns–and thus minimize the hard labor part of the equation.

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      4. I think that’s what my partner wants. Plus property with few neighbours. And easy access to hiking and his hunting activities.


        Meh. I don’t know. I know there are some areas that appeal to me, outskirts of Uxbridge, out toward Prince Edward County, but that takes me far away from mom who is not willing to move away now. The time is not right.

        Plus at least one kid insists on staying with his school (2 more years) which I can kind of understand. I moved continents in the middle of school and suffered for a long time…

        So we look but we don’t make too many decisions. Yet.

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  3. Hi Claudette,
    Thank you so much for the link-love! You are the kindest!!
    You look amazing in those beautiful high heeled boots! You should just start wearing them everywhere.
    I also want to go out more than usual. I agree with LA above, it is nice staying at home when it is our option and not when we are forced to.
    Blessings to you! โ™ฅโ™ฅ

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  4. Nice boots, but ashlyleia is right, they are nice for winter. Makes them a little impractical for Florida. Cupcake does own some really nice ankle boots that look really good on her, but they are for short term wear, not standing all day in a classroom practical.

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    1. I don’t think I’d wear those high heeled boots for shopping or snow shoveling either… ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know what you mean about standing in a classroom in those types of shoes. It always made me wonder why, as a flight attendant, we were mandated wearing heels while trekking through airports. They may look nice but they’re not really meant for standing or walking long distances.

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  5. Wow. Great boots, and you look absolutely stunning.

    Saturday was quiet but the Sint (Saint Nicholas Day) has been so I am currently enjoying a very peaceful Sunday while the boys assemble their Lego.

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  6. Awesome boots๐Ÿ˜

    However, youโ€™re validating that Iโ€™m annoying lol! I was merely reminding you about your boot post.

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