Human commentary about furry companions

Long term readers:

Do you recall who in my family wanted a puppy?

Tell me, is it the human in this picture?

Not impressed with recent antics.

If you answered yes, you failed the test.

You’re fired, canceled, deleted, maybe even blocked.

Ha. πŸ˜‰

Don’t trust this face…


Don’t get me wrong, 91.7% of the time all is well. Everyone pitches in and does their part. Tucker’s obeying commands, learning manners. He’s 5 months young, so there’s some expected mischief. It’s allowed, by degrees. And within limits.


My back hurts today. A lot. This makes it difficult to sleep. I drug myself but it wears off.

I’ve booked a massage and chiro/physio, but then lockdown shut that down. Guess I’ll reach for the pharmaceuticals…

During the day I’m doing stuff. Moving around. It’s… unpleasant when my back hurts. Makes me edgy because I’m constantly adjusting posture.

Puppy seems to pick those days to cause more mischief. Also those are usually the days when the kids are in class. Even if the class is virtual here at home, they can’t watch a puppy simultaneously.

If I reject the poor Beagle’s furry advances, or the constant licking, or the leg humping, then I get the guilt trip from the husband (“he just wants to snuggle”). If I respond that maybe he could snuggle with him, he can’t because he’s teaching and just came up for a break.

I will admit that he can, and does, work on his laptop on the couch with the puppy draped around him. He can, and does, adjust his comfort for the sake of puppy snuggle-time.

Which is all fine and dandy as long as he doesn’t expect me to do the same.

My excuse is, I had two babies nurse me to death, one for 18 months, plus the second slept with me for 4 and a half years and I’m still traumatized. 😯

Sometimes I just don’t want an animal hanging off me.

Sometimes I just need space… especially when my back is on spasms.

Poor puppy. πŸ™„

Anyway. My day is busy but I’m having a tea and I ate 2 Christmas cookies while plugging in the tens system and electrocuting myself.

Puppy took the hint.

Such a good boy.

Guess we’ll keep him around. 😍

34 thoughts on “Human commentary about furry companions

  1. Oh I love your post today about Tucker and the whole family. Really sorry your back is hurting you, this makes life difficult when people and pets need your attention, and all you want and need to do is lay down and take care of yourself. Sending you lots of love and many hugs.
    I was thinking about the Christmas tree too and wondering if Gibson will want to water it for me. Ha ha. Hope Tucker doesn’t have the same idea.

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      1. This will be the first Christmas Tree with Gibson too because last year we didn’t have a tree. I hope he doesn’t think it is a tree in the park where he can raise his leg. Ha Ha. I won’t be laughing if he does though.

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  2. Puppies… so adorable. But just like having another needy child. I don’t think I have any more puppy days in me, I’ll have to go with an old lame dog who just likes to lay around. And preferably, blog.

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