Shenanigans and injuries

Today I looked up the expression

The bane of my existence.

I didn’t really know what it meant, so I wanted to ensure I was using it in the correct context.

I’m typing this on mobile with the index finger of my right hand because my wrist hurts.

Also my ass, and my left ankle are sore as well, if you must know.


Because of a 5 months old Bane of my Existence. That’s why.

This mat is mine now…

He somehow got away from me while I was out walking him in beautiful, almost 20 degree Celsius weather. That’s spring-like, and very weird for November in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦.

Picture it:

It’s sunny and warm and quite windy. There are dead leaves everywhere. Puppy is ecstatic, jumping into leave piles and chasing everything that moves.

Leaves move with every wind gust. πŸπŸƒπŸ‚

It’s very cute, actually, and cars slow down to watch while Tucker jumps and plays.


He got me tangled. I have to be very alert when I walk him. He’s hyper and bouncy and energetic and bite-y and…omg. πŸ˜„

So I finally managed to drag him back to the sidewalk to return home when somehow he got loose.

I mean, I had the leash wrapped around my right wrist and held another part in my left hand. How he managed to get away is beyond me.

I’m no amateur with dogs. We had large dogs, over 100 pounds (Rotties, Shepherds and Airedales for crying out loud).Β  Tucker is just a little Beagle…πŸ™„

He didn’t even notice he got loose. He was busy chasing leaves, dragging his leash behind him. Thankfully the leaf of interest got caught in a hedge, which is where he stopped (thank god). I called him calmly and hoped he would not start running, hoping I’d chase him in a game, because we were on a residential street and there were cars driving by…


He did stay and watch me approach relatively slowly but I gotta tell you, he was making me very nervous.

When I got close enough to grab the end part of the leash, I saw that glint in his eye and that little, subtle twitch that announces trouble.

He was going to bolt.

I managed to step on the leash to prevent him from running off but fell backwards right on my ass. My ankle twisted slightly, and I broke my fall with my right hand. My wrist bent in a weird way but I couldn’t focus on that now, I had to keep the little shit from escaping.

Puppy in the meantime thought this was all fun and games and wiggled around in my death grip. I was still on the ground.

I grabbed him by the scruff and wrapped the leash around my hand before getting back on my feet. His sharp teeth were nipping at me…when is teething over for puppies? Can’t be soon enough (he chews and bites everything). Ugh.

Just then, a man with two large dogs, one with a forward leg missing, appeared from behind the hedge.

“Did you catch him,” he asked me, smiling.

He must have seen the whole thing, including my clumsy fall.

“He’s a puppy,” I managed to utter while casting an evil eye at my dog. πŸ˜„

The man laughed and said goodbye before continuing on.

Bane of my existence, this pooch…

This was just one of several shenanigans he was up to today. Never mind all the ones from yesterday. But I won’t bore entertain you with those. I don’t feel like reliving them all now.

I will say this: Beagles are a very interesting, entertaining breed. Despite their relatively small size, you have to be able to outsmart this type of dog or he will outsmart you and you do not want this to happen. They are highly intelligent, and their sense of smell is extremely defined, making it challenging to break their concentration once they pick up some enticing scent.

Anyway, I got home and tied him to a hook in the brick wall at the front of mom’s house, gave him some toys, and left him with mom who was winterizing the lawn mower. Then, I abandoned them both to decompress with WordPress (but offered to make us both tea). πŸ™‚

Why why why does she always tie me up?
This broom is the perfect chew toy…
The leash is too short, how am I supposed to steal and chew stuff?

You’re welcome.

Happy Friday and happy weekend from almost lock-down Toronto… Stay safe and healthy.




35 Replies to “Shenanigans and injuries”

  1. Our beagle used to back right out of his collar if he decided he needed to be somewhere else when we walked. I love that you used the step on the leash trick as well because I remember that same glint in the eye you described. There are no easy, carefree walks with a beagle.

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    1. I actually had him in a harness today but forgot to attach the second leash because up until just a month ago he was able to slip out of the harness! So back then I put a leash on his collar and another on his harness and then had double the protection (sort of)….lol. But today, I just put the harness leash on and hoped it was enough. He has grown a bit…

      SIGH. (fun, though). πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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