Zooming with the teacher

This morning we had a 15 minute virtual appointment with my daughter’s teacher to discuss the progress report that came home on Tuesday.

Typically, a ‘meet the teacher and see the classroom’ event is organized a few weeks after school starts in September, but with covid, that did not happen this year.

Today’s zoom was about meeting her teacher, and discussing her progress.


First of all, he was really personable. Quite young, attractive, and happy about having my kid in his class. And the kid is doing great. She’s always done great in school, no issues, excellent marks, yada yada.

But that’s not what I was going to talk about.

Here’s what happened when he mentioned how organized and tidy my girl was, a comment I had also read in her report card.

He said: “I’m looking at her desk right now, and can see she has everything organized and put away, ready for the next day.”

Well. Let me tell you how that comment affected me.

I started to twitch and fidget. πŸ˜‚

From my zoom position I had a direct line of vision toward the end part of the dining room table where my daughter typically eats and does some homework. Behind that spot is a desk that used to be my writing corner that she has claimed for her artistic endeavors.

Allow me to illustrate her ‘neat and tidy and organized’ demeanor at home:

It’s like she’s a different kid in school! (Aren’t they always…) 😬

I don’t need advice or recommendations. She does tidy up regularly. She just doesn’t do it every day. And I have stepped back, a lot, from micromanaging her. Partly I can do this because I escape to my mom’s for a few days every couple of weeks…there is no clutter there. πŸ™‚

Anyway, she is a normal teen girl with a (mostly) normal mom. A mom who sometimes gets all up in arms about clutter and mess, but still (relatively) normal(ish). So sue me. πŸ™„

Don’t worry, everything is fine. Mostly. πŸ™ƒ

I’m just saying…it was ironic that her teacher chose to focus on those qualities for part of the conversation.

Having said that, we’re approaching Christmas. My girl still likes presents, and will receive some, probably craft items and the like, which means a big purge of current materials needs to happen shortly. I’ll sit with her one evening and go through some of the stuff, and we’ll both feel better when the area looks tidier.

Happy Thursday! We’re heading into a PA day (no school on Friday) which makes the coming weekend a long one for us.

21 thoughts on “Zooming with the teacher

  1. It is very surprising the division of personality that children make between home and school.
    The teacher says: Your child is always attentive and collaborates on all activities in which he can be included.
    The father says: Aren’t you confusing with another student?
    It’s a frequent scene. Hahaha

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  2. When my son was very young his teacher mentioned how he always carefully folded his clothes when changing for PE. He has never ever done this at home ( he’s now 21) so I β€˜m sure she thought I was another kid’s parent.

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  3. That was sweet! Though my students are adults, some are young adults. When I had interactions with their parents (this was way before Covid) the way they described their kids always surprised me. Messy was one common term πŸ™‚ And then, they were really organized in class.

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  4. πŸ˜‚ I remember really dreading one parents evening when my son was younger cause he was being a wee *?!# at home and they told me he was a perfect angel in school! 🀣 It’s funny how different they can be.

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