Google Street View and the Peruvian man

Back in August I was sitting around somewhere scrolling through social media when a headline caught my attention.

Google Maps Street View helps Peruvian man discover wife’s affair

This was interesting on two fronts:

On the one side the click-bait nature of the title drew me in, thinking maybe this could be fodder for one of my creative writing stories.

Google is involved in discovering an affair? Ha. πŸ™ƒ

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Google Maps and have all been on Street View. I know I have. Before our trip to Switzerland last year, I looked at how my home town changed over the past 30 years using this exact app. And, just a few weeks ago, my Australian friend showed me her house and street she lives on using that app.


But also scary. I’m sure we’re all familiar with Big Brother (from the book 1984 by George Orwell, not the stupid reality tv show).

On the other side, I have a personal experience with the Google car that drives around with the big camera on top of its roof.

There was at one time a picture of my spouse walking around the neighbourhood on Street View. (It’s not there anymore.) He had just dropped a book at the local library branch and was walking home when the camera-equipped car passed him.

I told him about it and we looked at it. They took the picture from behind him, so his face wasn’t visible, but you could tell it was him by his posture, his clothes, that sort of thing.


But back to the Peruvian thing.

Seems there was a man who was looking at the capital city Lima on Street View when he saw what looked like a woman dressed in the same clothes his wife was wearing.

They typically blur out the faces and license plates on Street View, but the man did not need her facial features to recognize his wife by her attire.

There she was, in plain view, canoodling with some dude who had his head on her lap on a park bench. 😲

Seems the husband confronted his wife later who admitted to her infidelity and they divorced.


31 thoughts on “Google Street View and the Peruvian man

  1. Given the number of images Google have captured, I suppose it’s inevitable that something like this would happen somewhere.

    On a side note, our house isn’t on Google street view. The layout of our street is so weird (and the streets are so narrow) that (presumably) Google couldn’t get one of their cars close enough πŸ˜€

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  2. For the longest time my neighbour was on google street view. She was carrying a bag of poop that she had scooped after walking one of the dogs she was sitting. I wouldn’t have known what she was carrying, but she seemed to want to announce it to me. Life is funny.

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  3. I was looking at google maps one time, the street view and saw a picture of my daughter in front of her house taking out the garbage can. I was happy to see her, but it shows we really do not have any privacy anymore. I loved reading your post today. Thank you and sending you lots of love.

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