Detouring with a little rant

Disclaimer: This is a rant about covid. If you live in an American State or some nation that is open for business as usual, please don’t comment here with a political agenda. You can comment if you want, but think twice before you hit publish if you’re going to tell me how you had a steak dinner in a restaurant or went to a party at some club or how all your stores are not going out of business because they are all open and functioning as normal. I don’t give a flying fuck crap which way you lean in terms of your political orientation or covid and I don’t want to engage, or have my readers engage, in a political pissing contest on my platform. Please and thank you. I’m just ranting here to get the unfairness of all this crap out of my system. #SorryNotSorry


My email exploded. There’s a bunch of messages coming through from the hockey manager. My teenager, who is 15, has played competitive hockey since the age of 4. This is probably his third last year of playing competitive – after he graduates from grade 12 (he’s in grade 10) he will probably be done. Unfortunately, this year has been nothing short of a clusterfuck.

For obvious reasons.

But here’s the thing.

They are at least still practicing. There are no games, but they’re still on the ice once a week (pre-covid was minimum 4 times per week).

They go to the rink and follow a million iron-clad protocols to keep everyone safe. They’re teen boys, right? They want to get out and burn some energy. Walking puppies in the park is one thing, but that kid of mine needs to do some hard, sweaty skating with his buddies for mental, and physical health purposes.


Some hockey leagues have a lot of covid cases. Ours doesn’t (that I’ve heard). I know this because we’re not shut down yet. We keep getting pulled back with more restrictions, but we’re still going to the rink. And that’s because they, the hockey organization for this minor league, has stricter protocol than any school system I’ve seen.

But this isn’t just about the hockey team. This is about some of the peripheral observations I see when I’m out with my son. And by out, I mean school drop off and pick up. This is pretty much the only ‘out’ there is other than shopping for essentials.

I pick up my kid at the high school every other day. I see most of the kids come out with masks on most of the time, as they walk toward the car that will take them home.

There are kids at the bus stop as well. The buses get pretty packed and I just don’t want to deal with the possibility of covid or other germs so I’m driving my kid because I can.

Fine, right? No big deal.

So as I sit in the parking lot, I see a bunch of teens huddling together without masks. There’s at least 5 or 6 and within arms’ length or closer. Some of the girls hug each other, touch each other. Some of the boys high five each other.

They don’t look like they live together in the same household.

I’m thinking, ok, I don’t know, maybe they’re in a bubble.

Whatever. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

But then a teen girl with a toddler, probably a niece or something, arrives from across the field. She picks up the toddler and lifts her close enough to the 5 or 6 friends of hers to do high fives. With the baby. Who is not wearing a mask (she doesn’t have to, nor should, at this age) nor gloves.

This child has now had contact with 5 or 6 strangers.

I just shake my head.

Does her mom have a mom who is old and sick? A relative who has health issues? Does the mom of the baby know that her baby has had contact with several teenagers?

Do these teens in the huddle who look healthy carry an invisible virus that could unleash havoc on someone vulnerable? Are they asymptomatic covid carriers?

No one is monitoring this and I’m on the fence. Should I be bothered by this? They’re just living life, being normal. God knows we all miss normal (mostly).

And yet, cases are surging. Hospitals are filling up. Medical staff are stretched.

I start to question myself – should we just get on with it and think of this virus as not so dangerous? Is everyone who is locking us down overreacting? Or should we take it seriously?

I’m taking it seriously. Even when I waver a little (because I, too, am fed up.)

I don’t want any virus, not covid, not the common cold, not the flu.

Nor any other respiratory issue.

Now, after watching this and similar scenarios at the high school ever week I get to come home to hockey emails that sound like this.

“Hockey Arena has been instructed by York Region Health to close the dressing rooms.  Starting today, players are to come dressed to the rink.  They will have 15 minutes to put their skates on at the bench.  Everyone is to be as fast as possible in the rink.  Reminder that the max number of people on the ice is 10.  No parents or spectators allowed in the rink.” 

So, we are to take our 15 year old sons who look like men and all their gear which makes them look like the Hulk and have them dress in the car, which is difficult at best. (We drive an Elantra. It’s a small car, not an SUV.)

Some of those boys are 6’2″ and over 180 or more pounds.

What’s a goalie going to do? No way he can dress with his extra padded gear, or the goalie pads for his legs, in the car, it’s just not doable.

But sure, the boys will do fine. They’re used to it now. They want to keep going to the rink so they will do what they were told to do. They will follow fucking protocol even if people at their own high school aren’t.

It’s winter now. It’s cold. Dressing in the car and/or the parking lot is just stupid. And, parents can’t go inside even if they wear a mask and stay 2 meters apart. Not even to use the facilities.

So the dads, and some moms, sit in their cars and run the motors for heat for at least an hour.

HELLO ENVIRONMENT POLICE…do you like the smog filled parking lots?

In the meantime, little babies are doing high fives with a few unmasked teens in high school parking lots.

It all seems so futile.

Thank you for reading.

31 thoughts on “Detouring with a little rant

    1. Here the schools are not deemed spreaders, but the malls and restaurants are. So they close the malls and restaurants in two districts (lockdown), but keep the surrounding districts open (not lockdown) thinking….people will stay home?

      Think again. People will drive the 40 min to get to the mall and restaurant and in 2 weeks, we’ll have more lockdowns in other districts.


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  1. Well, can reassure you that not all Americans are that ignorant. I openly admit there are way too many who are and they seem to be more open since we had a man-child brat in office for 4 years doing nothing. Sadly, if you’re hearing Americans brag about going out, not being on restrictions, businesses or the economy being effected….they are idiots. There are so many people who absolutely refuse to abide by the rules. It’s stupid how Trump ignored the seriousness of this back at the end of Feb and just decided to allow each state to let governors of each county handle it how they felt suitable….ugh!
    Believe me, I understand anger, frustration and ranting. For most people, it’s a way to relieve stress, get it off your chest and out of your head. I wish my new frequent rants could help me but unfortunately, it never will. My 25 year old, oldest of four, suddenly passed away. Six weeks after she passed, my 23 year old daughter and her 4 month old tested positive for COVID-19 and she nor the baby have been no farther than our porch, maybe the driveway. Luckily, after being treated and quarantined….they’re doing much better. So, as an American….I am extremely pissed about the effortlessness to take this virus seriously here. I know I’m going to sound like a toddler throwing a tantrum when I say this but…oh well, you already warned that I’ll probably get my ass handed to me for commenting so I might as well get my little rant out of my system…My personal issue and ire is how it’s gotten so out of hand that people who do everything they possibly can to stay home, avoid public restaurants, gatherings, school, wear masks, non stop cleaning/sanitizing, ect. are getting infected without knowing how. I know it’s not wide spread news and these cases aren’t as high but, it’s happening that way now. I am embarrassed that Americans have actually said or feel the way you expressed when you in the beginning of this post.
    I think I’ve said more than I probably should have. I’m sure you don’t care or might not believe that not all of us over here are feeling that way….and I especially know you don’t want to hear me say I truly do hope everyone worldwide can recover through this pandemic Hell.

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    1. I agree with every single sentence you took the time to type out. I know that not all Americans ignore this virus or act irresponsibly. Quite the opposite. You may have noticed I have an active engagement in the comments; many are Americans. ♥️

      Thank you for this. I wish you and your family well…please keep doing what you’re doing. As will I.


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  2. Can totally empathise with your rant and I believe many are ranting. It is good to rant. the contradictory rules are difficult to understand. We are in a lockdown here in Ireland but seeing the schools open, students getting onto buses in groups, walking in groups while still on their phones seems at odds. As so many have said all we can do is try and keep safe and sane.


  3. I feel your frustration. There are so many things I see that tick me off to no end, especially the utter lack of care for others or even a willingness to believe the science and understand that this isn’t fake. I’m more grateful than ever in my life that I’m such an introvert and that my kids are mostly also introverts.

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  4. The rules baffle me at times. My child had to take cereal boxes into school this week so they can be quarantined and ready to craft with by the end of next week. Yet there book bags with school books and reading records can come home and back into school each day 🤷‍♀️.

    The teenagers are the same here, meeting in the parks and hugging each other after school.

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    1. 15 min is for tying skates and putting on rest of equipment. Practice is an hour now.

      When their practices were reduced to 45 min from an hour my son said it was hardly worth it. Didn’t get tired, didn’t get sweaty…they need at least an hour, 90 min preferable. But alas…covid and covidiocy. Sigh.


  5. cases are soaring on the daily here in Pennsylvania but because some idiots in the spring sued the governor for lock downs being unconstitutional, we are now in a quandary. I caught Covid before mask wearing and social distancing became the norm. They keep stressing at my job that if you are sick, don’t come to work…But people just keep coming and coughing. And I honestly think that’s how I got it from an inconsiderate co-worker. Sigh. Sorry not sorry

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  6. Rant away if it helps! I sort of gave up. My work rants did change policy after some time, but the solution that was decided upon, without any input from the people it impacts, have probably exposed us to more chances of getting the virus than when we were entering positive rooms. Anymore you’re either lucky or you aren’t.

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  7. It is difficult. I totally understand why some people are struggling to stick to all the rules. Especially young people. It also sucks if you’re doing your best to stick to them and others aren’t. Here in central Scotland it’s just been announced today that we are going back into very strict measures from Friday. Schools and essential shops (food) remain open. Everything else is shutting again for three weeks. Small businesses are wondering how they will survive without the usual Christmas trade but hospitals are also worried about not coping with the number of patients. My sister has tested positive for Covid and my sister-in-law’s mother is in hospital with it. It’s a horrendous situation and I’m so glad I’m not a politician trying to make decisions about what to do for the best. I don’t think it’s possible to please everyone.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your relatives. It is heartbreaking when you know people who are dealing with it. I know people in Germany and Switzerland who have similar issues like you do, and my Italian aunt in Rome is in lockdown. She’s sick on and off with chronic bronchitis (but not covid) and 81 years old. By herself. No place to go, no one to talk to…lockdown is very, very hard. And I remain unconvinced that it’s the way to handle this situation.

      It sucks.

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  8. Without getting political… the irresponsibility of a large portion of the population makes me want to scream. I’m careful, you’re careful, but both of us could catch this horrible virus from those that aren’t and that’s just wrong. If they want to risk their own lives, fine…. but taking us down with them is not.

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