You choose, I respond

Full disclosure: Just because I’m not publishing on my blog here doesn’t mean I’m not writing (blogging).

I pondered earlier today if I should revitalize a draft I’ve started and post it, maybe pre-schedule it to post tomorrow or another day, since life has gotten in the way of my blogging routine. But then, I saw this:

I mean… 557 drafts? What in the world did I blab on about for it to manifest in over 500 posts that have yet to see the light of day?

Honestly, I don’t even want to know the content in those drafts. Perhaps I’ll just go and delete them all…

So instead, I thought I could do something a little different. Since this is a short week for Americans with Thanksgiving just around the corner, and most people have covid-related issues impacting their own mental state of mind, I decided to ask you what you want to read on my blog this week.

I have some suggestions for you, but you can feel free to ask for something not presented here.

Topics I could blog about:

1) I have a true story tucked away about a doctor who acted unprofessionally toward me in my youth. It is 95% written already but for some reason, I never published it. Reason I mention this? I was reminded of this unpleasant and confusing event after reading this story which my friend is publishing on his blog.

2) I have a somewhat problematic internal dilemma about my memoir that I started blogging, and not publishing, that I could complete and share here. It is sitting there in the draft folder among the other 556 files.

3) I could talk about all my stories that are in various stages of (in)completion and my plans for what to do with them.

4) Or I could just ramble on about my day, which may or may not happen anyway. πŸ™ƒ

What do you think?

56 thoughts on “You choose, I respond

  1. If you didn’t publish those drafts before, it’s for some reason. Let them sleep. For some reason they’re there.
    As for the favorite topic on your blog is rambling, rambling.

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  2. Whoa, I only have 10% of your number in my Drafts folder and already I feel like it’s too much. It’s always a good idea to go through it, as I actually found inspiration for an entire post there just last week.

    When it comes to what to write, I like reading about other writers’ creative process, so perhaps more of #3. Good luck!

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  3. Briefly peruse the drafts, to see if there’s an underlying theme. Then tell us about that–about how an unresolved issue, or a significant experience initiated a creative vortex, that has you still writing to define its edges in your art and in your life.

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  4. I think the memoir. Your personal stories, the ones you have shared on this blog, indicate that you should be a very good memoirist, with that eye to detail and a way to bring readers “in.” But anything you share will be welcomed and read!

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