An ordinary day when nothing happened

I used to like this lamp.

I selected it, bought it at HomeSense or some such store during the renovations a bunch of years ago.

A friend who knows how to install electric things without electrocuting himself or others installed it.

It hangs over the dining table.

I now hate this lamp.

I had to shorten the cable with a clip because when I lean over the table to clean or declutter, I smack my head on this lamp.

As you can guess from the shot, the room is an open concept.

Those three smaller lamps are hanging over the giant island in the middle of the room.

No you can’t see a picture of it, the beautiful granite counter is covered with clutter. This irritates me and I don’t want visual evidence today of said clutter.

And no you can’t see my dining table either, even though it’s an ancient school house table built in the 1920s in northern Saskatchewan.

Ok fine I’ll show you a glimpse.

The rest of the table has stuff on it which I wish someone would remove.

Ok fine I’ll show you.

It’s not bad, actually, the stuff. For once. Probably because I removed most of the stuff this morning

I’ve been sitting here working on Patreon on and off all day. I also walked the dog, after driving the teen boy to and from school.

My day was relatively ordinary today, is what I’m saying. Which is always nice after a day or week of drama. 🙃

Happy Tuesday evening from summery Toronto. It was 21 Celsius today (69 F)…given it’s November, and Canada, this is nothing short of miraculous.



20 thoughts on “An ordinary day when nothing happened

  1. Why, why, WHY do we humans see an empty surface and insist on piling stuff up on it? We all love to see a lovely table with nothing but a lovely cloth on it, yet for some reason, we can’t leave it alone. We keep setting things down on it. I’ve tried having a rule of at least tables being clear at the end of the day, but it just seems so endless…the cycle..And that’s with just me! My Mom sits in a chair all day so she’s not setting anything on any surfaces. I can’t even imagine what it’s like with a house full of people setting things on tables. Sigh…

    As I look around the room, here is what I see:

    Sofa table in front of the window – Along with the decorative lamp and photo calendar is a cat bed…because I felt she needed to be warm and cozy while she watches birds at the feeder.

    Coffee table in front of couch – A box of tissues, a random coaster, the write-on board for communicating with the deaf 93-yo, the cat’s yarn toy that the shower aide picked up off the floor and set there!!! Even she can’t resist setting things on a surface.

    Dining room table – A book that needs to go in the library donation pile, which is currently a dining room chair but I guess I couldn’t be bothered to walk the extra step to put it on the pile instead of the table top??? The notebooks for the two home health agencies that send people out to help with the 93-yo. They need to record stuff in those books so I don’t know where else to keep them handy for them but the table. Random sheets of newspaper I had gotten out to use when I cleaned the vacuum…LAST WEEK.

    Round table between me and Mom’s chairs – A cup of coffee each, her water glass, her container of gum, her container of Lip Medex, TV remote, Satellite remote, Roku remote, mouse for this laptop, a bookmark.

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  2. What a beautiful day to have nothing happen though!!! If I wasn’t in a mandatory self-isolation I would’ve been enjoying (just a walk or bike ride…that’s about as exciting as it gets for me during these times) this abnormally summery November in Toronto! By the time I’m free again, the temperature will have dropped, I’m sure. 😩

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    1. Yes. I saw the table accidentally in a consignment store and after I insisted he buy it immediately before someone else snags it up I inquired about the history.

      The consignment lady emailed the previous owner and that’s how I got the story.

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