November: the month of taking stock

So it’s November. How utterly exciting. Plus the Timekeeper Gods have awarded us with an extra hour today, which just depresses me more, so let’s turn this misery around immediately.

How, you ask?

Well, let’s see…

I have a few reminders I need to focus on to detract myself from the meh-like existence these days. Some of you have seen these before. But maybe they will help you, too.


For instance, a mantra that should never be far from my (your) mind is this one:

If not now, when?

I can honestly say I held on to this mantra for a good portion of the year 2020. There is, of course, room for improvement, but it hasn’t exactly been the easiest year to get through…

I did it though. I took some chances, made some opportunities happen, fostered some new friendships. So there’s that to continue look forward to.

Looking back, I had probably one of the most interesting years I have ever experienced in the virtual social life department. The pandemic cemented some of these friendships further, and I am grateful to have gotten to know you. Technology is quite amazing, isn’t it?

I have no regrets for all the time I spent plugged in. I am a better, more capable and introspective person today because of technology. And I have written more words in the past eight months or so than ever before.

But that doesn’t mean I value real life experiences less. Technology doesn’t take away from real life relationships. It can enhance them, supplement during absence or void due to unforeseen circumstances, but it can’t replace them completely.

I do miss the real life stuff. The people, the activities… We all do. Those of you across the pond who are back in lock-down, or on the verge…stay sane. Reach out. It helps…a bit. At least I think it does.


Here’s another reminder to myself, especially as I embark on some new ventures and ideas:

Your discomfort should not does not inhibit my creativity.

I was on facebook the other day and asked a question to my fb friends who read me there (although I suspect most don’t, given my long absences in that app).

I said:

Erotic romance, yay or nay?

Basically I ‘came out’ to the people on fb that I dabble in erotic fiction. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes of it.

A few people who rarely acknowledge anything I post there commented, which tells me I have a bunch of lurkers. πŸ™‚ (That’s ok, nothing wrong with lurking…)

Note: please don’t try to friend me on facebook unless I have met you in real life. I go there mostly to participate in a private writing group, or advertise dog walking, or connect with local peeps and businesses.

Years past, I used fb to stay connected with family in Europe mostly, when the kids were little; now I don’t post much, or often. Probably because most of what I read in fb irritates me… πŸ™„

What I’m saying is, I’m not a facebook fan, and there are better ways to contact me than though the *Zuckerberg* app. 😳

What else is going on?


Halloween was a bust. Technically they cancelled trick or treating here in Toronto, although a few kids did head out in costumes. I saw one boy – I left a few candies on the steps for the child and that was that.

Then, I poured wine and cooked gnocchi. I posted this to Instagram (which some of you have seen already):

Anyway, the gnocchi were really good despite the mess I made on the stove. Ha.


Here’s another thing I should remind myself of:

Enough with the selfies, already!

I can see you roll your eyes collectively. πŸ™„

I got a new phone, as some of you know, and I played around with it, including the camera function. Sorry not sorry. πŸ™ƒ


Here’s one more:

November is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was going to participate.

I said I was leaning toward no.

I am now saying no officially.


I can create my own writing challenge without participating in an official capacity, set my goals and focus on tangible results.

I’ve already made strides in October. Why not continue during this rather miserable month of November?

What else is there to do while the politicians scream at us to stay home and wash our hands?

There you go. How’s that for taking stock?

Tell me, what is up for you this month? I realize the American elections are on everyone’s minds, but besides that?

Let’s talk about non-election and non-covid things, shall we?

Happy first Sunday in November. See you in the comments.

29 thoughts on “November: the month of taking stock

  1. I’ve always set writing challenges for myself too, so I never felt the need to participate in NaNo. But I think that’s the point of NaNo. To get people who don’t usually write to write. Anyway, wishing you all the best in your writing pursuits no matter how you choose to do it!

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  2. Halloween, my wife and I glanced at the less than impressive blue moon than watched the unlikely DVD double feature of Rocky Horror Picture Show followed by Hotel Transylvania. Then she painted my toenails 😁 blue and purple. We had hoped to visit the local art museum but she was feeling drained from two 12 hour shifts this week and the fact that our cat can never adjust to daylight saving time. November brings a long awaited dinner with my brother and his family and then Thanksgiving at Jess’s parents. I plan to make cheddar apple biscuits and pickled onion smashed potatoes to go with the ham her Mom is making, Jess is making Apple Cake for dessert. I never had ham in my life for Thanksgiving so another notch in the weirdness of 2020. Sorry about trying to connect on FB. But I enjoy the occasional email and love having you as a friend that I do sincerely hope to meet in person some day.

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    1. We can connect if you want. It’s mostly pics of kids you don’t know…at least up until a few years ago. I doubt you’ll find it interesting.

      No apologies necessary.

      Your meals sound delish. I’m sure we’ll see photos on your blog. πŸ™‚

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  3. Sorry not sorry is the best possible reaction to selfies. I take them, you take them, we all take them. I wish we’d the technology back when I was younger and thinner as my husband never takes photos of anything, no less me, and looking back I don’t have nearly enough from those days. Gnocchi and wine sounds like a perfect way to ride out a Saturday pandemic evening. Cheers!

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  4. I was told yesterday that I have to decide between a sort-of promotion or my original desire to step back a bit at work and be much less responsible for things. There’s perks to both and of course stuff on the negative side as well. I want my life to stop being about decisions like this. I’m too old.

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      1. Washington. Thinking is hard work, and I tend to overthink most of the time, which is where I’m at right now. It was a yes on acceptance, with a condition on my part until I really realized that the required hours to get benefits, PTO, etc will likely be pretty hard to achieve at the site I work. Will be discussing with my boss tomorrow. Maybe a blog post in the future.

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  5. I hadn’t even considered NaNoWriMo this year. Not that I’m ready to start any of a number of projects on the back burner, but I could use it as a kick in the butt to work on my existing (and languishing) novel. I don’t have to officially register–just take it as an inspiration. It’s snowing today and though the rest of the week will be mild enough to finish outdoor things, November is a lovely time to return to writing projects. After all, both of my novels were NaNo flops. (I could never quite get to 50,000 words.) But, both were critical successes, because Nano got me off my ass.Yeah…that’s the ticket. I think I’ll go for it. “The Trial of Trudi Castor” (working title) lies waiting.

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    1. Intriguing title…

      I didn’t have a great experience. I found that the NaNo community in my area was too self absorbed. They sometimes didn’t even respond to my efforts when they call for critique came – If I spend time away from my writing to support you, the least you can do is acknowledge.

      I’m able to use NaNo as a psychological ‘everyone is writing, I may as well be writing’ and do it that way. Perhaps you are of a similar mindset.


      1. It’s a framework. I tried attending some “write-in” events. Found them to be a waste of time. I’m mostly a loner, in any event. But I did find that commitment to a structure was helpful, and provided discipline to keep me going.

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  6. Halloween was a bust here too, we visited a friend with a display for the little man who loved it. Otherwise no one was out. It was weird. I’m going to try and finish my comp romance for Nanowrimo but we’ll see. This year I’ve been very blah about it with so much going on. Can’t wait to see more adventures and let us know how people are being about the erotica writing. Some people can be opened minded and other’s should try opening their minds or at least refrain from saying things that could damage a writer’s creativity.

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    1. I’ve had a hard time writing fresh stuff, but I do dabble in WIP here and there… mostly I’ve been setting up Patreon pages and getting to know the ways of a private writing group inside a facebook thing. My first time. I joined two, I left one after a month…it was an experiment.

      But the content that exists needs editing and finishing so why not do this now in November?

      I wish you luck! Let me know if I can help. We can support each other. πŸ™‚

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