Covid hair be gone…

First of all, no one is sick with the covid. 😬

Second of all, as is standard at this time of year (beginning with cooler weather), some people in this house are feeling a little run down. They made the decision to cancel all activities out of the house (of which there are oh so many – not πŸ™„) and remain here in the house at all times.


What I’m saying is, nothing has changed since March and lock-down, and nothing will change in the immediate or near future.

Except, I will be spending some time outside of the house yo (to copy Snapdragon’s standard ending of her very cool sentences) because…sanity. So I may take myself shopping, or out for coffee, or even lunch. Or something. (Shoe shopping? …) πŸ™ƒ

Too bad none of the museums are open. Are the bookstores open? I will have to check online…

Anyway, I have several unimportant things to share with you today.


I got rid of my covid hair and now have acceptable, soft, shiny, symmetrical, beautiful hair. I feel like a person, again. Wanna see? (If you’re sick of my selfies, scroll past them. I’m not forcing anyone to validate my perfectly styled hair.)

Covid hair – before
Salon hair – after

Β Two

I had to wear my winter coat to walk to the little salon up the street. This was the first time I had to wear it this fall, and I am not thrilled, if you must know.

It’s cold. Boo.


When I got to the salon I noticed not two, but three hairdressers in the little shop. Everything was spaced appropriately, everyone had masks on, and everyone obeyed the protocol. But, what was nice to see is that the shop has a third hairdresser. Normally there are only two.

It’s nice to see that this small, locally-owned business is not on the verge of bankruptcy and has enough business to sustain three hairdressers (even if one of them may only be part-time).


I have changed my theme on this WordPress blog, and added a header picture. You have to go to the actual website to see the picture I added into my header, since it doesn’t come up in WordPress Reader.

However, for your convenience, I will load the picture for your viewing pleasure here. You may have seen it before, I had posted it on a previous post.

I picked this picture because it looks like a scene from a Caribbean island.Β  It is not a Caribbean island. It is Lake Ontario, in southwestern Toronto, Canada. In late August 2020.

I live near this park and walk the dog (and/or child/ren) there regularly. The park with the beach is literally a five minute walk from my house.

Lovely, isn’t it?

And so, my drivel ends once again. I was going to share some information with you about my Patreon page, which I have launched, but there isn’t any content there yet (except one post, which I cross-posted from here). I’m still learning the ropes of this crowdfunding platform, and how to navigate around it. When I’m ready, I’ll let you know where to go to read both free and locked content, for which you will be invited to subscribe.

But all in due time.

Now, it’s Friday afternoon, right? What do you think about steak for dinner? And red wine? To go with my new hair? I’d rather go out, but there isn’t any indoor dining happening around here, so I guess I gotta cook.




40 Replies to “Covid hair be gone…”

  1. We have not ceased to β€œgo out” during this pandemic. 😁 We discovered many socially distant adventures. Did you know in southern Wisconsin, there lived a little Austrian man who liked to create concrete art? No one lives at his little house anymore, but one can drive into his driveway, walk through his gate, and wander all up and down his yard looking at these creations. Even his house was covered in concrete with bits of color – broken glass, children’s toys, tea cups – poking out. All this in the middle of nowhere.

    Your hair looks very pretty. 😊


  2. Your hair looks great.
    I went six months without going to the hairdresser, when I sat on the couch in front of the mirror, I saw myself in that mirror, I thought of Robinson Crusoe. πŸ˜€

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  3. Steak and red wine sounds like an excellent choice to go along with your new hairstyle. You look great!

    I tend to change my WP theme frequently. Sometimes just freshening it up like that can inspire creativity.

    And we had temps below zero this week, so you’ll get no sympathy from me for wearing a winter coat! πŸ˜›

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  4. We have new restrictions on the way, one of which is non-essential shops are closed again from Monday. This is something of a blow as I am just starting to really need a haircut again.

    Your perfectly styled hair looks gorgeous, though.

    Steak and red wine sounds like a marvellous combination. Just the thought is starting to make me feel hungry again.

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      1. It is. The problem at the moment is that politicians are edging slowly towards a full lockdown while trying not to. It’s the worst of all worlds — they’re not getting the virus under control and the economy is still suffering.

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  5. You and your hair look glorious. I enjoyed your post today, and yes it is important to get out of the house and do a few things just to maintain sanity. I have been inside mostly for over a week except for taking Gibson for a short walk today, it was cold but refreshing too.
    I look forward to checking out your Patreon page. Sending you lots of love.

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  6. sigh,no museum’s open eh. My wife and I are going to our local Art Museum tomorrow. You look great no matter how you look but the hair style is beautiful. Are you planning to offer anything to your patreon’s per price tier ?

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  7. Beautiful photo! And I too had to wear a coat outside today… high of 36. πŸ₯΄
    The do is lovely. Bet you feel 10 years younger. I’ve been chopping my own since March and it’s not pretty!

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