Beagle puppy update

The puppy is over 4 months old now.

Tucker at 4 months. He hides under there and attacks anyone who dares to walk by. ๐Ÿ™‚

The puppy has learned to jump up.

On the sofa, for instance. Where my laptop is. My glasses. My phone sometimes. The remotes. A tray with beverages on it. Often hot beverages. And my notebook, the paper kind, not the computer kind. Pillows. Blankets.

He also jumps on the bench in the hall by the shoe closet. Where children leave lunch bags containing residue or leftovers that are not necessarily good for puppies. Or jackets that should be in the closet on the hook. Or shoes…puppies love shoes. ๐Ÿ™„

He has, as of this minute, not quite figured out how to jump up on the bed. Not yet. He tries, at times. He hasn’t succeeded. If he jumps up on the bed I quit. I’ll move out into a container or under a bridge and sleep in a sleeping bag if that happens. I do not want to sleep with dogs. I don’t mind snuggling with dogs, but I don’t want them in my bed. (This is me, not a judgement on you. I know plenty people who enjoy sleeping with their pets.)

And, as of this morning, Tucker has learned to jump up and reach the edge of the dining room table. He’s getting taller… I know this because I was folding some towels which I had placed on the table in neat piles that he reached by bouncing, as if his paws were on springs, and pulling them down, one by one. He was so proud! I was not impressed. But before I rescued the towel, I glanced at the contents on top of the table, especially in my daughter’s spot. There was, as usual, much of her debris there. Including a large box of chocolate she got for her birthday. This box can no longer reside on that table. If puppy figures out how to jump onto a chair and then from there climb on the table, he will die a gruesome death by chocolate.

The puppy will be the end of me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, he’s a nut, this dude. But he’s adorable in his nuttiness.

28 Replies to “Beagle puppy update”

  1. Charlie is quite capable of jumping on the bed but he has never been allowed in my bed. Heโ€™s happy with the couch and the ottoman. Now that Iโ€™m sharing my bed with a wonderful man (who is better at cuddling than Charlie) Iโ€™m so happy that I created that boundary. Keep fighting the good fight!

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    1. Yes, those boundaries are important. I am not thrilled about them letting the puppy on the couch, but they started it and now when they get irritated at the chaos, which was inevitable (chewing cables, stealing stuff), I just give them the evil eye… Sigh.

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  2. I share your opinion that I do not want to sleep with pets. Two cats…cats in laps…cats in chairs…cats on the rug in front of the fire…all good. But cats are not allowed in our bedroom! Of course, that closed door has only made it forbidden fruit. They lie, in wait, for the opportunity to dash in and make themselves comfortable…as if they owned the place.

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