Missing: my free morning

Actually, I don’t know how this is gonna go – covid and 6 months of cool/cold/frigid weather keeping us mostly indoors – I’m already losing it and it’s still only October… 🙄😭

Seriously, there are days (weeks) I think I’m not gonna make it with my sanity intact.

It’s the stupid, little things. Not one or the other, it’s the accumulation of them all. I realize this is called family life and I do love my family dearly even when I want to lock them up and throw away the key. But still…

For instance.

Last night, I discovered that the two males in this house have been digging through the apocalypse food stash in the bedroom closet, found the box of candies for Halloween I was going to hand out to innocent little children whose lives have been so disrupted and all their fun taken away due to this invisible virus they don’t understand and…the box was ripped open, and half empty. 😡

Not impressed.

Not only that, but they ripped the box in such a way that you can’t close it as designed anymore. This tells me there was impatience among the perpetrators. So when I went to put something away on that same shelf and noticed the candy box situated wrong (my OCD alerted me), I reached for it to put back in its proper hiding place in the correct way (flush against the wall, and upright), the candies inevitably tumbled out and fell on the floor.

Damn teenagers. Also, I’m sure the husband had something to do with this too…He did admit that he may have ate some too. 🙄

I almost fell off the step stool when trying to put the box back.

Of course puppy came running out of nowhere when he heard the noise of multiple things falling onto the floor which is a bad thing because, as we all know, chocolate can be deadly to dogs.


I ranted to the family a little about that, if you must know. I’m sure no one is surprised to read this. 🙄

While I informed the family that they were all on notice, puppy in the meantime thought RantingMama™ translates to fun and games and jumped up along the edge of the bed to pull down the many neatly folded, prepared for the attic, summer clothes I had sorted, hung up on hangers, covered with clear plastic bags to keep them fresh and dust free, and piled just so. (OCD)

Took me all afternoon. I watched Golden Girls on Prime while doing that.

Hyper puppy came and destroyed two of my clothes piles in 30 seconds. 🤪

There’s been a lot of other irritation but I won’t bore you. You can imagine, and maybe you’re living a similar life.

Point is, I was looking forward to today, after yesterday’s mental day.

Today, I’ll have you know, would have been my first time since covid started that the entire house would have been empty for more than an hour. The husband had a flight booked this morning, the girl child went to school all day and the boy had morning class at his school as well which required me to chauffeur him up there. My plan was to come home by 9:15ish, and spend the next three or so hours in blissful quiet and solitude (except for the puppy, who should have been walked by now).

It was really looking forward to it.

But when I got back, the husband’s car was still in the driveway. When I got into the house, I noticed he wasn’t dressed yet. He said he was just about to get dressed and head out which meant he did not have a chance to walk the dog.

He always walks the dog in the morning. He accompanies our daughter to school halfway with Tucker.

But he did not do this today.

Fine. I get it. He needed to file a flight plan, analyze the weather radar, yada yada whatever else pilots do prior to flying. What I had wished was that he would have told me last night he would not have a chance to walk the dog prior to leaving for his flight.


So I took Tucker who was giving me attitude when I put the harness on him. And he gave me attitude on the walk too, until we got to the lake at which point he would have preferred to play, not walk.

A leisurely walk was not part of my plans today, at least not in the morning. That would have eaten up my time. I only had a few precious hours to get some of my stuff done because my son needs a pickup at lunch. I had plans for my three hours of alone time. 🙂

Try explaining that to a puppy… 😉

I finally managed to get him back home about 40 minutes later. Only, the husband’s car was still in the driveway.

He was puttering around on the driveway wearing track pants and a hoodie.


He usually wears regular clothes for flying.

“Flight got canceled, ceiling too low,” he said.

(He is teaching a student instructor to become a certified instructor in a Cessna 172, a very small plane used for instructional purposes of this kind. Weather plays a big part in whether a flight of this nature can go, or not.)


Anyway, it’s all good. My day’s plans have changed (again), but I had coffee while I typed this out, and he took the dog for a second walk (because Tucker was not tired after my walk with him), which will help to keep the dog quiet for a few hours anyway when they get back.

Good morning Tuesday. Consider this your strike 1.


20 Replies to “Missing: my free morning”

  1. I get you about the little things pulling away at you like a loose thread. I finished work at lunchtime, with a few days off to come – wandered into the kitchen and lounge, and found a scene of devastation. I nearly lost it…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ours is still a puppy with a LOT of energy but yes, I understand. My son likes playing with him in the backyard, they romp around a lot and the pup is pooped after, so that works too. But this morning, the boy was in school.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Writer of Words, loved every word you have written here. You do know how to flow with the unexpected and this is a great talent. Such is living and being. You have reminded me to put away my summer clothes now as I have nothing to wear that is appropriately warm enough. Hopefully I didn’t throw away all my winter clothes last spring, as I was so anxious for hot summer weather. I take clearing and purging a bit far sometimes. Smiley face.
    Sending you lots of love,
    Summerhill xoxo


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