Becoming unstuck: how a DottoTech webinar helped me back onto my path

Yesterday I listened to an online webinar. My first one, ever.

This is what I had posted to my door:

It worked fine. πŸ™‚ They already knew about it, I had mentioned it at least 3x prior to actually attending the webinar. The sign was just an added reminder.

I really, really enjoyed this webinar. In so many ways, I feel validated in my path now. Steve Dotto is really a fantastic presenter (and he’s Canadian!). This particular webinar had a target audience of GenX and Boomers, although he invited anyone to participate. It was free, which is why I decided to take the plunge and try it.

Will this webinar help me launch my writing career? Knowing what I know post-webinar, I would say yes. πŸ™‚

DottoTech had posted a youtube video years ago about the app Evernote. I watched it and have used it religiously in all my writing endeavors. Today, I went looking for that video and came across an expanded list…seems he added a few since the first one. Have a look here.

Just to emphasize how amazing this app is, 90% of all my writing is in my Evernote app. Notes, drafts, screen captures of pages in books and ebooks I’ve saved, pictures, you name it. The app allows me to search for a topic or a tag including images which makes research so much easier…anyway, I went Pro and paid for the upgrade just because I love having it on all my devices.

So when DottoTech offered his GenX and Boomer webinar for free, I jumped at the chance. I knew I already liked him, and I’m GenX; my curiosity was peaked.

Am I ever glad I did!

April, Steve’s tech support, provided a link for some work sheets all the way from Australia.

The webinar was really well attended; I think Steve even mentioned he’d never seen so many people in one room before (online, what with covid and all that). And most of us were GenX or Boomers! He’s 61, by the way, a decade older than me.

The attendees came from everywhere around the world. I could see it on the chat panel while Steve was delivering his seminar.

World wide attendance…

Technology really is fantastic, don’t you think?

I am going to type up my notes and release them on this blog. Which is why I created a new sign for my door today:

But I got delayed. First, a child has a mild headache. She decided it wasn’t worth going to school what with all the health checks and will be spending the day at home. She claims to have a lot of school work to keep her busy which is fine and dandy, but her room is very tiny, not even big enough for a desk, so she’s in her art corner, and on the couch (where, incidentally, I set up my thing earlier).

See why I’m back in my bedroom? (It’s ok, I’m starting to get used to it…)

Anyway, I was just about to sit down with a second coffee, getting my online life organized in my phone before tackling the laptop when the puppy puked. On the couch, on MY pillow that I sit on, and on the girl’s leg.

Because of course he did. This would be the second delay. Life with family in the house during covid is such fun, I tell you! πŸ™„

But no matter. My primary role is that of a mom/alpha (ugh) and until they’re settled I can’t settle.

To move things along, I offered to make a full brunch-like breakfast for the husband if he would take the dog for a good, long walk. Despite the icky rain outside.

He said yes.

The girl child is doing her own thing once she made the decision to stay home and I saw her plug into her google classroom app, the older teen is synchronous today but has no actual class till 2 pm which means as I type this, he’s probably still sleeping, and I’m…blogging.


My notes are beside me. In a few moments I will turn off my notifications on my phone, shut down the apps on my laptop and only leave open what I need to concentrate on putting my webinar notes into a plan.

My new plan for taking the next steps. According to Steve Dotto, I have already done much of the prep work up until now…

Reminds me of my mantra:


Until later…


4 Replies to “Becoming unstuck: how a DottoTech webinar helped me back onto my path”

  1. I’m very curious to know if the signs on the door will work. The written sentences are friendly and soft. How will the children act in front of the posters?

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