Writer of words is talking words again (2 videos)

One way to try and overcome writer’s block is to talk to people. But I didn’t want to talk to the people who are here in this house (trust me, we’ve been together for seven covid-months and I have nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said a million times) so I chose to talk to you instead. πŸ™‚

Note: I took a bunch of clips, which have since been deleted. The first three, for instance, were stupid. πŸ™ƒ

The next one was interrupted by a wayward teenager who was with the wayward puppy. My son broke down my locked door, came in here, and tried to pawn the puppy off on me by sticking Tucker into the crate.

We do not use the crate for punishment. Tucker sleeps there at night. There was no reason for that boy to bring the puppy into my locked room just because he had some issues with him on the walk.

“Tucker is a baby,” I told my son. “You have to teach him, or find another way to get him to burn energy. Do NOT crash into my room like this when I’m writing.”

(Never mind that I wasn’t writing, that’s not the point.) πŸ˜‰

“Next time you do this to me I’m going to post THAT video, the one with you in it, and you’ll be on my blog!” I threatened. (That would be his biggest nightmare, probably…) πŸ™‚

Anyway, I had no other choice than to interrupt my filming, get the puppy settled in the hallway where his bed and his bowls are. I gave him a bone to chew, and locked the baby gate. He’s four months old now, he can manage to be on his own for an hour or so…sheesh.

Then I returned to my bedroom, contemplated if I should get a dead bolt or at least a chain lock, and resumed my video taping.

You’re welcome.

So here goes. Me in my office-non-office.

24 Replies to “Writer of words is talking words again (2 videos)”

  1. When I read that you threatened the boy by including him on the blog, I laughed so much. The most efficient threat to a teen is appearing on Mom’s blog.
    Apart from that, I suggest placing the laptot on a firm, flat surface, these machines need aeration at the bottom, the cushion is not convenient.

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  2. LOL I totally get it, I’ve been there and I will be there again. Good God just let me write! I’ve been working away on my draft and ugh it’s just not happening some times. I think everyone needs a recharge every now and then. Love your home office, I could not work without a mouse either, it’s terrible. Hope the words come easier and that the puppy grows fast enough to chill for five minutes.

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  3. I wish i had a home office myself, the cat sometimes gets in the way, my wife usually plays music that isn’t conducive to my creativity. Although thankfully she enjoys listening the R&B shows I like on BBC Radio 2 & 6. For the most part my drawing/painting room is the table we eat at. But if I am doing extensive writing or adding photos to my blog, it’s on the laptop on my desk in the living room.

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  4. Now, there was the famous writer who lived on food stamps and went to a coffee house and finished her series. I can’t think of her name. J.K. Rowling. She was a single mom living on food stamps without a job and using the same coffee shop in London.

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  5. Hi Writer of Words,
    I have an office just like yours and I also have a dog that comes with it. Ha ha. Gibson is 3 years old now, so not a puppy like Tucker, but he always wants to be with me no matter where I am or what I am doing. Sometimes he sits on my hands as I am trying to type. He also will jump up on my desk as I am painting hoping he can help with that too.
    I really want to meet you and go for coffee, but maybe when all the restrictions for covid are reduced. All coffee drinkers have to sit in their cars, or stand around in the cold, or sit on wet and cold patios (the ones that are still open that is).
    I enjoyed your post today very much even when you say you have writer’s block.
    I cannot write erotica right now. I do not feel anything remotely erotic, so can’t make it up. Maybe I should just give that type of storytelling up.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your life here on this platform. I am very happy to get to know you. Sending lots of love, Summerhill

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