WordPress shenanigans

This morning, I received a couple of emails, one from the USA and one from Belgium.

USA was thanking me for following him. I responded “I thought I was following you all along, I don’t know why I was unfollowed”. I wondered why I wasn’t seeing his art in my feed, so I went to the blog and it said ‘follow’ instead of ‘following”. Weird.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, I was unfollowed a couple of other bloggers in recent times, including ashleyleia. (Why? I don’t get it…)

Belgium wanted to know if something was happening to his comments – he knows I acknowledge all comments, and often respond to them. He mentioned to check the spam folder (he’s IT and knows magical things about the internet). 😉

So I wandered on over to my spam folder and LO, there was 17 pages of spam comments in there!

3 were from Belgium. I screen captured those and sent them to him via email. If he wants to dig around and figure out what happened, he can. 🙂

I also discovered two other regular readers and commenters who ended up in my spam folder.

Cheryloreglia, almost all yours in the past months were flagged as spam. I don’t know why but I hope you don’t hold my silence to your comments against me, now that you know why I haven’t responded to you.

Minnesota Prairie, your lovely comment on my birthday was also flagged as spam. Apologies all around!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. It might be good practice to go check the spam folder in your comment section every once in a while, just in case some legit comments ended up in there.

For me, it was 12 comments. The remaining 70+ were spam.


18 Replies to “WordPress shenanigans”

  1. I don’t claim to have any special knowledge about how WordPress works, but I have noticed that the spam filter sometimes throws a fit and starts flagging utterly innocuous comments as spam.

    I have found that closing comments automatically after four weeks keeps out the majority of spammers, which makes it quite easy to keep an eye on the spam folder.

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  2. I get a lot of spam and constantly check to make sure none of my readers are in there. Occasionally they’ll be captured and I have no idea why or what WordPress deity they offended.


  3. I checked spam, and it was spam. (Who knew so many wanted to sell me amoxocillan without prescription?) But what was a surprise was pending! Many comments that had never come to my attention were trapped in pending purgatory. Thanks for the heads up!

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  4. WordPress has been doing that spontaneous unfollowing for a while now, and it’s hard to be on the ball enough to notice.

    I check my spam folder regularly. Sometimes comments from bloggers I’ve been following for ages will end up there.

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  5. Thanks for letting me know! I love your blog and will always read and leave a little chatter in the comments! I’ve never checked spam? If you have time, or actually receive this, let me know how you get to that folder? Thanks, C

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