Weekend ramble

No one wants to hear about the doom and gloom that is in my head and heart.

Everything is fine. More than fine. So I’m going to ramble about inconsequential stuff today. Read at your own risk.

Soup will be the focus of my concentration today. I have a bit of leftover roast, lots of tomatoes, some squash and two bags of onions. Plus chard in the garden. And herbs. Lots of herbs.

Swiss chard ready for harvest.

Did you know soup doesn’t require a recipe? I never cook soup with a recipe.

I also thought that maybe today I could deal with the folded laundry from two days ago, left in two baskets and ready to be put away into closets and dressers. That might kill seven minutes. πŸ™„

Then, I might chop up some sugar pumpkins, stew or bake it, and make pumpkin bread. Or scones. Should I?

I’ll decide later. Or entice the freshly-baked teen girl to bake it for me. Get her unplugged for a bit.

I heard that next week is supposed to be icky, wet, grey and cold here in Toronto. South Dakota told me they’re expecting snow. (Keep it. Do not send east and north! I’m not ready!)

Which means I will need to do a few garden chores today. Wonder how much I’ll get done with puppy nipping at my ankles, and digging holes where he’s not supposed to?

Last week I drove up to a main street and was about to make a right turn when this big, fat racoon marched into my path and sat down in front of my bumper. Then he commenced to groom himself.


So I waited.

And waited some more.

The store I wanted to go to was across the street – Pet Value – literally walking distance from my position. I needed hay for the guinea pigs and a larger collar for the wayward puppy.

The racoon didn’t seem to care.

Did I mention it was in the middle of the day? Around 11 o’clock…typically you see the raccoons at dawn, or dusk. And not usually on busy roads near shops.

Anyway, he moved on eventually, taking his time, ignoring cyclists, pedestrians and cars.

That’s hardcore city wildlife for you. πŸ™ƒ

And so begins my weekend. I’m on my third, and last coffee – but my headache prevails. So, some Advil will have to be located, and swallowed before I tackle my day.

Happy weekend!

32 thoughts on “Weekend ramble

  1. I’m a big soup fan, though I do stick to recipes. I should try to free-spirit my way through a pot sometime…sounds like it works out well for you!

    P.S. The snow is fluffy and beautiful. Are you sure you don’t want any?!

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  2. I’ve always heard that if you see raccoons during the day, it suggests they have rabies, but that fact that he was just grooming himself makes me doubt that he was on a blood thirsty mission. I watched the news today. I’m not sure when watching the news turned into a heart-wrenching 30 minutes of agony. Sometimes I fast forward to one or two stories that I find interesting, but I endured the whole 30 minutes. Can’t get that time back.

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  3. My friend, kind of, had a racoon for a pet for a couple of years. In the end it got out of the house and she never saw it again….. Racoons, cant live with them, cant live without them.

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  4. I can’t say I have never met a raccoon in person, a couple of foxes – one of which bold as brass walked into the garden to pinch my daughters bag of wotsits, a family of hedgehogs have taken up home under out hedge, but never met a raccoon.

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  5. I haven’t hit complete hunker down mode yet so no homemade soups right now. I do split pea in the crock pot with a few carrots and parsnips…one of my favorites, but I’m just not there yet. Oh, and I vote both options on the pumpkin choice.

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  6. Snowed yesterday. Didn’t stick of course, but there you have it. The forest is still stunning–the best color season since we moved here, seven years ago. And with the color, come the helicopters. I have laundry in the machine, hoping to catch a day nice enough to dry it on the line. I have bread in the oven, but then you said pumpkin bread…and now I have a hankering for something more upscale that gluten-free sandwich bread. We’ll have to see how the day rolls out. City critters can be really bold. I had a family of raccoons in my back yard in Oakland. They were BOLD. If a raccoon pulled that traffic stunt, mid-day, here, we’d be thinking rabies. But city critters come with attitude.

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