Need to know 4 – writing cabin

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You were given a month away in a cabin to work on writing undisturbed.
  • Question a) Is the desired cabin in the mountains, on a lake, in a forest or on a beach?
  • Question b) Who would you like to have with you as your writing companion?

Me: WELL. I think I would like a cabin in all of those locations, but if I had to pack up and leave today I’d pick a beach.

I’m not ready for the cold weather; it feels like summer wasn’t really long enough this covid-year, and it wouldn’t take me as long to pack for a beach-side cabin. I could leave within the hour. Ha.

(I would pack: a couple of sun dresses, a light sweater, a bikini, a pair of capris with a tshirt, leggins and a tank top, my nighty and matching robe, toiletries and a few pair of shoes. I was a flight attendant for four years, I can pack this stuff in under 20 minutes.) πŸ™‚

In terms of a companion, I would pick several of you. BUT, I would request some time to myself first. So, come any time after the first week. πŸ˜‰

Your turn. πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “Need to know 4 – writing cabin

  1. The beach with my dog.
    Recently we were at a little California Coastal Town called Cayucos walking on the pier. I looked up at a nearby hill and saw a trailer park and thought to myself that if I were single I could probably stand living in a trailer and walk to the beach, have a couple of beers and find hundreds of things around me to write about and to photograph.

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  2. Ohhhh!! Now you’ve got me daydreaming! My family has a place in the woods on the lake – so that would be my go to. I haven’t been there in years. If I HAD to choose someone it would be my boyfriend, but then I wouldn’t get any work done. I would prefer to be by myself for a while, and then enjoy company.

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  3. aww you’re sweet, I’d dig that. The right kind of people around could become a muse. A cabin near a lake, that would be a meditative atmosphere. The woods would be boring, the mountains too high, the beach too much of a distraction.

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  4. Since it’s autumn I go with forest, preferably in Vermont. Companion…no thanks if I have to have a human. (See my answer to relationships) But I would love if the cabin came with it’s own cat. A snuggler preferably.

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  5. I will take the mountains, with a cold mountain lake (and fall colours). For a companion…for writing inspiration I would choose a person I did a lot of writing with at university. She was very inspirational. For non writing companionship, my current partner would do nicely.

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  6. I want a mountain cabin. Ideally, it would be just me during the week, but Tara can come join me on the weekends for drunken revelry.

    What I’d pack: A record player, a good selection of rock ‘n roll albums, and my lava lamps. Gotta set the mood, yo.

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