Need to know 3 – relationships

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Comfortable companionship or passionate infatuation?

Me: Um… Both? 😉

Your turn. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Need to know 3 – relationships

  1. I’ve had both for the last 36 years. Passion brought us together and bonded us, but yes… after that many years it can morph into something a bit different. We still have our moments, but no one can keep that spark of newness alive forever. The lucky ones understand that.

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  2. The former fills up a lot more of my life, but I certainly wouldn’t mind the thrill of the latter just to break the passionless monotony.

    If I HAD to choose only one, though, i’d have to go with comfortable companionship; otherwise the banality and mundane details of daily living may be too much to bear alone. Just having someone else in the room can make a difference between toleration and total collapse.

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