Need to know 2 – chores

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If you could give up one necessary household chore forever but had to replace it with another chore, which would they be?

Me: clean the bathroom

I want the bathroom to be sparkly clean as well as highly organized. I don’t want to think about where stuff is, I just want to reach for it and do my business.

This is tricky in a home where multiple people use the same bathroom. Why is it so hard to put the toothpaste in the same location every time, hang up the towels, rinse down the suds after the shower, clean out the hair from the drain, give the toilet a swirl with bleach and a brush, keep the toilet paper stocked and a full roll on the holder? I also hate scrubbing the tub and tile more than scrubbing the toilet, wiping mirrors (why are they always so spotty?) and being the only one who knows how to refill the liquid soap dispenser. Oh, and the floor needs to be clean enough to eat off of (not that I’d do that, ew, but that’s the standard I desire and never seem to be able to achieve).

Maybe I’ll hire someone to do just the bathroom every week. That’s how much I hate it.

Instead, I’d rather sweep and mop/swiffer the floor or vacuum the area rugs, neither activity I’m a particular fan of, but will do happily if I can just never do the bathroom again.

Your turn. 🙂

32 thoughts on “Need to know 2 – chores

  1. I’d replace doing the dishes with reorganizing the garage. I admit that I gripe about the garage all the time because everyone uses it as a dumping ground for stuff they’re too lazy to find a proper place for but once I’ve reorganized it I actually feel like I accomplished something.

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  2. I mostly do outside chores; cutting & trimming the lawn, holiday lights, garbage, etc…but help with all the rest. Of those I’d say putting the laundry away is the worst. I’d rather do dishes any day; it’s just mindless enough to let my mind wander.

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  3. Ugh! Can’t I just give them all up? Don’t get me wrong I do like a clean and tidy house but I detest the never ending task of keeping it that way. Having said that if I could get someone to plan and cook all my meals I’d happily do all the cleaning instead.

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