Need to know 1 – happiness

Name one tangible thing that makes you blissfully happy. Explain why.

Me: Fresh sheets on the bed.

There is something about how a freshly laundered set of sheets, pillow cases, blankets and comforter induce a deep, satisfying sleep for me. I still revel in it when I wake up that first morning after.

Your turn. πŸ™‚

43 thoughts on “Need to know 1 – happiness

  1. Laying on the beach by myself, eyes closed, smelling the ocean and hearing the ocean sounds. I live an hour or less from the ocean but I haven’t done it in years. Your question brought it to mind. I hope I remember this come spring and beach weather.

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      1. Yep, again. Here’s an obvious clichΓ© (not to be avoided): Looking for “Happiness” outside of Inner Self gets one nothing but disappointment and delusion and fat. Happiness is fleeting, unreliable, weak and unnecessary. For example, Ice Cream is Happiness; then you lick it to death and want more ice cream … repeat cycle … watch ass grow in mirror, feel like shit and be UnHappy. Invest in True Purpose.: There you go. I’m good at this, plus I’m happy. πŸ™‚


  2. omg that’s funny, my wife every time we put clean sheets on the bed, she writhes about on the bed saying “clean sheets”. For me it would the opportunity to sniff feet, yeah I am weird like that…But “her” sweaty foot odor, but only hers brings me bliss.

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  3. Since you already mentioned fresh sheets, which have to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, I’ll go with stopping for coffee. It doesn’t matter if I’ve had three cups already. Treating myself to a large coldbrew with extra ice always makes me happy. πŸ•Š

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  4. Hmmm…getting tougher these days. I can only think of a recent example. The fall weather had descended in earnest and my wife had just baked banana bread and apple dumplings which were cooling in the kitchen. Divine emanations had wafted into my path and led me by the nose into the kitchen, like a cartoon character floating by virtue of its intoxicating aroma. A climax of sugary warmth exploded in my mouth as I succumbed to temptation and basked in the unadulterated gratification of masticating warm baked-goods – only to be followed by sharp pangs of guilt for cheating on my diet.

    It was a moment. πŸ˜‚

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  5. A thick, soft sweater. As the weather turns the cold sets into my apartment but frugal me does not yet want to turn on the heating system. A cozy sweater surrounds like a blanket.

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