Saturday thoughts: school, massage, and small business during coronavirus

Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, I get an email from a school: they are welcoming my daughter back to class on Tuesday. (Monday is a holiday, Canadian Thanksgiving.)

After weeks of waiting and wondering if she will have a teacher this year, they found her a spot in an existing class. No doubt some heavy reorganizing had to happen to accommodate the 1600 kids without teachers in Toronto, but somehow they found a way.

My daughter originally signed up for virtual school but due to a lack of extra French teachers she had to make the difficult choice of either give up her French studies or to go back to a brick and mortar school.

She chose the school, to stay in French.

This is incidentally her old school and the same place she’s been going to since 4th grade when she began her French Immersion studies.

Now, weeks after waiting and learning asynchronously without a teacher, she finally gets to begin grade 8.

My first reaction was whether she needed me to accompany her on her first day.

“I already arranged to walk with two friends,” she told me.

OK then. 🙂

Sounds like she’s got it all figured out.

That same morning I have to drive my son to his hybrid class. He really likes this method of learning – class every other morning, synchronous virtual class in the afternoon, at-home asynchronous learning in between.

I never thought they would push kids to be plugged in more, and for longer, but here we are in 2020 taking full opportunity of the magic that is the internet.

I’m cautious optimistic about a new routine taking hold though. The virus numbers have spiked almost exponentially in recent days and hit record highs and of course the governments are clamping down on all social activities again. Everything is closing, shutting down, or reducing hours and service.

Electronic relationships are here to stay, my friends. At least for the foreseeable future.


Next, a message comes to my inbox: hockey practices are reduced, and ringette practices ‘on hold’ while they seek clarification what exactly ‘modified Stage 2 restrictions’ means for youth sports.

Sigh again.

Talking with Americans, Brits, Germans, Australians and Swiss, it appears similar situations are occurring right across the globe. But not all communities are affected equally. There are local hot spots that suffer greater infection, and transmission, rates.

We do not live in a hot spot. I am thankful for that.

Despite all of these dire warnings, I contacted my massage therapist last week to ask if they are open and taking clients. Turns out they did so I booked a massage. My back and neck have given me grief lately and impacted my sleep. If we had an extra bedroom I would be sleeping in there because I know my bouncing around trying to get comfortable and ease the pain disrupts both the man next to me and the dog in his crate on the other side.

The massage was heavenly! The place is small, just 3 rooms, not a big spa facility. My massage therapist was by herself when I arrived. She had on a mask, as did I, and the only time I had it lowered was when I was face down on the table.

We shall see how things progress. I would like to keep it up, visiting her and shopping local at the small business, through the tricky winter months. I am not looking forward to a dire, deteriorating economy next year…

And, I have a phone again. It had occurred to me that my mom hung on to my dad’s phone after he died in May, keeping it as a backup. She’s been paying fees for him so I asked her if she was comfortable giving me his phone. Long story short – his service is canceled, mom is 40 bucks a month richer and I’m plugged in again. 🙂

Note to self: do not put phone in back jeans pocket on way to the loo.

And so we begin the weekend.

Happy Saturday, and see you in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Saturday thoughts: school, massage, and small business during coronavirus

  1. COVID cases are surging here in Minnesota, too, and are really bad in our neighboring states. Plus, the virus is getting way too close to my family, affecting several with testing needed, quarantining required…but, thankfully no positive test results. Yet. All but one have been either work-related or related to living in long-term congregate care centers.

    Be safe. Be well.


      1. Husband and I ran to the flea market and Publix this morning and got rained upon. Luckily the lightening did not enter the equation. I was going to the gym but trying to keep up with husband’s walk is more challenging and actually better exercise.

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  2. Here’s some fun local news to share, Claudette:

    The Greater Toronto Area is ramping up to be a COVID-19 Hot Spot (in Canada). We’re an inbreeding sanctuary to Covidiots. Its our civic destiny.

    Witness the TP Whorish Hoarding Insanity of mid-March (not isolated), the massive picnic and public defecating by Skanky Millennial Douchetards at Trinity-Bellwoods Park in the spring, and assorted Assholes we call Torontonians because we share similar postal/area codes.

    I’m hearing more frequent first-hand reports of Anti-Maskers defying mandatory face covering policies of businesses, especially retailers.

    1) A Lovely case of an A-M’er tossing her feces at an LCBO clerk yesterday while refusing to wear a “Face Diaper.” Evidently, she was publicly shamed by other shoppers; however, she was still allowed to shop and check out her booze.

    There’s a problem, an obvious one, which I have a solution …

    2) Another personal beauty – close to home – at our midtown location (under my managerial profile), witnessed a foul-mouthed McFuckHead causing a loud, obnoxious raucous when asked to leave the showroom after he refused to put on a complimentary mask.

    Right, isolated cases of untold infinite stories across the planet.

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    1. Well perhaps this explains your mood I sense across the wifi…or from your most recent words in kuched.

      I have not spend much time with the news. I hole up, I stay home, I avoid the media. I mean, I’m sick of home too but …

      This whole situation has me plunging. Again. I have to find a way to look beyond it. Too bad my creativity is also suffering.

      Anyway thanks Michael A. for reminding me to stay away from retailers and, um, showrooms. 🙄

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  3. Yay for a phone. Yay for your daughter’s school schedule. Boo to this awful virus that has changed life as we know it. I wish I could be happy go lucky and carefree in my attitude towards it, but with a husband who has 2 co-morbidity issues, I can’t.

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  4. I hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have scaled back our plans this year, but I am sure our family traditions will once again return when this is all over.
    Luckily for me, yesterday’s announcements have not changed my work schedule…yet.


  5. The roller coaster will not end. Numbers go down, things open up. When they do, numbers spike. They close back down. The numbers decrease, we open up. Numbers spike, we close. See a pattern here?
    This is stupid. Open up, let the damn thing run its course, and be done with it. Until you let it run it’s course, let the body build its own immunity, this open/close could go on for an eternity.
    Florida gets it. We are 100% open for business. Numbers will spike a little for a month, and then, by magic, all on their own, they will decline because this is how the human body does things.


  6. Happy Saturday, I’m waiting for the day they turn his classes to online learning. The office I work for sent out a form yesterday. It was for people visiting the office daily. They have to fill it out everyday before they go in. The fact they go in makes me livid. This isn’t helping to curve the spread in Ottawa. I hope your kids have a better time of learning and that this ends sometime soon in the future. Also back problems- I hear you! My work chair needs to migrate to my home.

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