Good morning.

A horrible, terrible thing has happened and I am officially in electronic detox-land. 😲

Not really. 🙃

But my phone, the one that went swimming in toilet water, decided to die overnight.

It’s weird, because I had it in rice for two days. Throughout the day yesterday, I checked it a few times and not only was it alive, the apps were working. Sort of. Mostly. I kept noticing an improvement, less weird lines showing up on the screen.

Why it decided to go dark today, after sleeping in rice overnight, is just mean.

MEAN, I tell you.


Anyway, I may have to go shopping for a new phone today. I feel…naked without my phone. 👀

Take last night – I walked the dog in the evening sunset and the first beach was glowing in this awesome pink light. There was a lone sailboat on the horizon…and the sky had this shimmering, golden light, it was really quite stunning.

Almost by default, I reached for my phone…only to find that it wasn’t with me.


Anyway, it is what it is.

Good morning Friday. It’s October 9 today…the eve of Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend. How are you spending yours?


23 thoughts on “Phonelessness™

  1. I know friends who also put the wet phone in rice, it looks like rice doesn’t resurrect the phones. Others put the phone-submarine, open completely exposed to the sun and once the phone turned on again.
    For people without a phone, for a few weeks now I chose to turn off the phone at the time of bedtime. It serves me to read for a while and lose the state of mental alarm that works by saying: at any time it sounds. I got a lot of peace back.


  2. Sorry to hear about your phone. Hope you get it all sorted out as painlessly as possible.

    I did a small plumbing job for the brother of my late best friend saturday, went back to tweak it today and help him prepare his late father’s house for selling. We ripped out some shrubs in the front that were overgrown and talked about hiring contractors for some foundation and sidewalk work. He feels overwhelmed because he’s isolated there by himself. Having me there just helped him organize his thoughts and get motivated. We all need that sometimes.

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    1. Well there’s a coffee shop on the Queensway (among 7 million others between you and I) although I would prefer to meet at a local, mom-and-pop-owned shop instead. 🙂

      Hey Michael, I’d be willing to pay you for a phone you no longer use. The one I’m using now, my dad’s, it appears to be less reliable than I thought originally.

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  3. I am notorious in our family for getting my phone wet when hiking or boating. I have wet two phones and dropped a third which I am still using despite a shattered screen and small pieces of glass dislodging occasionally. When I broke the current phone I made the decision to split the investment of money for the new one into two. An Olympus tough camera and a cheap arse phone. When I hike or go somewhere outdoors I take the camera. Phone is for dry, safe (ish) places!!

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  4. Fighting a cold, can’t remember if you feed or starve it? Anyway grateful for the box of Kleenex, DayQuil, and my phone! I’ve decided to never take it to the bathroom, thank you! C


  5. I have never had a smart phone. We gave up our cell phones last year–retirees, economizing. It’s been liberating. We have a landline. We are headed backwards in time. If I want to post a photo–I have to go grab a camera. The result is…that we live in the moment. We don’t attempt to capture the image to share later. We live it, now. Not everyone would, or could, make this choice, but our lives run at a slower pace than most. Good luck with the new phone–try to enjoy the hiatus.

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    1. I understand the thinking and also realize cognitively that this is not possible today with apps for school, apps for teams, texing with elderly people who have hearing problems, etc. Just to get to the dentist requires them calling me on my mobile phone (what do they do with the elderly who don’t have phones?)

      Plus, my reading material is portable, including my writing apps. In some ways, the technology is desired (by me) but also necessary for the type of life we lead.

      Except, with covid, there is little external activity. I can just go to my laptop for most of my stuff. For the most part, not having the phone buzz with text messages can also be somewhat liberating.

      While…simultaneously, over time, it gets isolating.

      It’s hard to explain. But I understand. When I stared at the pink sky, I thought to myself, I can just enjoy this. This is MY moment alone.

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    1. Hm, that’s interesting. I passed this info on to my partner and he says he can understand the reasoning and will look into it more. In the meantime, my mom has been meaning to cancel my dad’s phone (he died in May) and offered his phone to me as a temporary fix for now. Thanks for sending the link.


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