Irritants and annoyances

Yes, this is a rant. So what. You don’t have to read it.

Today, I went grocery shopping. I hate shopping but I do it anyway. I bought most of everything on my list except toilet paper because everyone’s out again.

Whatever. Bring it on, the apocalypse.

Anyway, I’m gone two, three hours. The family is home, teaching his college students from his basement office (husband), doing remote virtual learning from his room (teenager), hanging with the puppy (teacherless tween girl). Right? They’re all home and able to use the entire house to their hearts’ content.

They know that when I come back from a big shopping trip I will have a lot of bags. They also know that I want the kitchen to be clean and cleared of clutter so I can unpack and put shit away.

I also want the kitchen cleared of bodies so I can navigate from counter to fridge to cupboards to drawers and sort food items for the garage freezer and backup fridge etc.

I want to be able to walk around and do stuff without tripping over others or their crap.

Here’s what I came home to today.

The girl was baking buns before I left and although she did a good job cleaning and putting dishes away, she didn’t really wipe the counter. Well, she did. She pushed all the flour around so that it covered a bigger surface than where she did the rolling and kneading or whatever she was doing.

Fine. I’ll figure out the flour stuff later. That wasn’t even the biggest problem.

The moment I came in the door everyone came into that room. (Our house is open-concept, a bungalow, and although this may sound like there’s a lot of space, the house is small and when there’s 600 bags all over everything, the place doesn’t seem so big anymore.)

The brainiacs suddenly all decide they need to wash their hands at the kitchen sink. (We have two bathrooms.)

They all suddenly decide that now is a great time to make tea, have a snack, eat lunch, put something in the dishwasher, search for some elusive snack…

Or, they stand RIGHT THERE to check their phone.

They started talking at/to me (him) and bickering (kids) while one of them let the puppy in from behind his gate (aka penalty box) who then immediately was underfoot and sniffing and ‘unpacking’ my stuff.

So yeah…I’m in a pissy mood. I told them to do the unpacking themselves, and sliced myself two pieces of salted caramel cheesecake and escaped into my bedroom to type this.


I have been binge watching Golden Girls and they’re constantly eating cheesecake, so when I saw this one at the store, I had no choice. I had to have it.

Salted caramel cheesecake

I honestly don’t know how we’re going to go through more covid-waves. I mean, there is happy family time and then there is constant-never-ending-in-my-face-all-the-time family time and frankly…

I’m over it.


33 thoughts on “Irritants and annoyances

  1. As a husband – I’ll admit that we have some kind of radar that keeps us in your way at all times in the kitchen. This must be a known issue because my wife found a meme that said “We need a real cooking show. The kind of cooking show competition where the whole time you are trying to cook, your husband is between you and whatever you are trying to get to.” I’d forgotten how much I like cheesecake. We went to the farmer’s market and there is a bakery that sells little ones. Wow!

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    1. Haha! That’s so true!! (And it’s not just husbands, the teens and puppy are no better)… πŸ™‚

      Enjoy the tiny cheesecakes. They are so rich, and so good… the few times I indulge I really enjoy them. Bon appetite,


  2. I understand your frustration because my wife would understandably be pissy as well. But she has me pretty well trained by now; if I see her backing into the driveway I know she has groceries, so I clear the counters, prop open the door for her, and immediately go outside to retrieve the rest while she commences to put things away. It’s all about anticipating needs (at least from my perspective). But then we don’t have teenagers and puppies to contend with! I can’t imagine. Calgon, take me away! 😁

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    1. Well, well that is good training on your wife’s part. Ha! πŸ™‚

      I got two out of three helping me bring the stuff inside if they’re around/home/on the main floor usually. In his defense he had just taken a short break from teaching (remote, from the basement office) and was due back to finish class in 10 minutes but why did he have to stand right there in front of the fridge? (He moved when I asked him to…) lol

      Sooner or later they’ll learn. Either that or I’ll have them do the stupid shopping and then stand around in their way when they come back.


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  3. Stay Pissy! I believe I’ve shared my inability to watch The Golden Girls previously … Have you tried ostracizing the bipedal Trio, i.e. dumping the tribe in the same penalty box as the canine poop machine? Also, what’s the deal with the two slices of salted caramel cheesecake? One piece is smothered with 10 chunks and the other with 1. Whose idea was this?

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  4. Argh! I hear you! When I was living with my Ex-BF, the Hunter, he would always join me in the tiny kitchen when I was cooking. I mean tiny kitchen and if he came in, then his 85 pound hunting dog had to join us. ARGH! You earned that cheesecake.

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