A nothing post with pictures

My still teacherless child has been watching youtube videos on how to make space buns.

Space buns is a thing you do with hair. A type of hairstyle. Did you know this?

I didn’t. I do now and so do you. You’re welcome. 😉

Anyway she showed me a clip and then I had to do them on her.

Aren’t they cute on her?

Yesterday, while innocently sitting at the table with my mom just having a little chat, my tween disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a brush and hair elastics.


Anyway. Yay. I’m not sure what to think but I do like the blond streak making an appearance. Reminds me that I need to touch up my colouring soon. 😇

This morning, the maniac puppy was not his usual hyper self. Instead, he refused to eat his breakfast and whined until I picked him up for a snuggle.

This is my current position as I type this post:

Perhaps you are oohing and aahing at the perceived cuteness of it all but let me tell you something:

Boy dogs are gassy. 💩

20 thoughts on “A nothing post with pictures

  1. I was going to add a comment about Princess Leia but Rivergirl beat me to the punch. She did have nice space buns though, and I’m not talking about her hair. The scene where she was chained up in a bikini by Jabba the Hutt was a highlight of my adolescence.

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  2. He’s getting big, I can now see the beagle face/snout is well defined. I bet his nose is in gear much of the time…used to call it hunting mode because it was a constant search and discovery with our guy. You might want to stick with that new hairstyle…it suits you!

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    1. OMG his nose… lol. It’s tough to get him to focus away from pretty much any scent, most of which only he can smell!!

      And yes, I do kinda like that hairstyle too. I wish I had known about it during the most humid days we had here… 🙂

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    1. Oh, and I envy your cute puppy, too. Until I gave up carbs I identified with his, er, problem as well. Eating only meat and non-starch vegetables keeps the vapors to a minimum. Also I’ve heard if you feed a dog a meat-only diet their, um, “presents” quickly turn white, break-down and disappear. Never tried it with our dogs, though.

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