Sunday thoughts – with some colourful pictures

The boys are in baseball today. It means for a few precious hours, half the family will not be here.

Will I have time to write a steamy story?

Oh wait.

I got this guy hanging around.

Tucker, 3 months.

He’s discovered the dishwasher. The dirty dishwasher. He thinks it’s tasty. 🙄😄

We left the dog with the kids to do an errand yesterday and for the three hours we were gone, there was only one incident reported via text.

“The inside of my nose is bleeding because of Tucker!” my 12 year old texted. 😳

Apparently my daughter snuggled with him and the teething puppy bit her nose. I envisioned blood streaming from my child’s face but after her initial text she said it was just a scratch and there wasn’t really much blood. Or any blood.

“Keep your face away from the dog when we’re not around,” I chided her. “And tell your brother to go walk him.”

SmartphoneParenting™ at its best.


The colours this time of year in the various parks are absolutely astounding. I posted some on my instagram account (writerofwordsetc) but I’ll post some here for you as well. Because…just look.

Little Canadian maple leaf.
Bright tree across from the first pebble beach near Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario.
A deserted path to nowhere near Lake Ontario, Toronto.
Driving north of Brampton, Ontario (near Toronto) on a sunny September afternoon.
North west of Toronto, the fall colours are breathtaking.
So many colours… September 2020 in Toronto
The path toward the pond in SW Toronto, September 2020.
The path toward the beach where the parasailers go. SW Toronto, September 2020.

Looking at these photos I can’t help but think that we live in a little gem of this huge, multicultural, diverse city. But unfortunately, there are a lot of problems in our neighbourhood.

There are drug dealers across the street from our house dropping off paper bags in broad daylight, too many ignorant renters who blast their music across the ‘hood at all hours of the day and night, and some people who discard their used masks, dog poop bags or other garbage on the street and not in the receptacles at the park entrances. It’s so unfortunate…especially given that the little cottages, often bungalows with no more than two bedrooms, are priced to sell at a minimum of $900,000 dollars. If said bungalow has private parking (as opposed to no parking, or a shared driveway) make that over a million.

I am beginning to appreciate that perhaps, it is time to move. The kids aren’t really very integrated into their schools now anyway what with covid. My son’s school has no activities beyond classroom teaching going on (no sports, no clubs, nothing) and the other kid who is supposed to be in virtual school hasn’t even started yet. She may not have a teacher assigned for another two weeks. So the argument that it would be too hard for them to leave their routine and friends behind is no longer valid. Covid has changed everything.

We shall see what happens. As much as I like parts of this area and the city living aspect, we haven’t really had much opportunity to engage with the metropolitan opportunities. The traffic gridlock alone is reason to stay closer to home…

So a new chapter may very well be upon us. Time will tell what’s next.

Perhaps I will blog about it, perhaps not.

Happy Sunday readers! See you in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts – with some colourful pictures

  1. And just to make a point, drug dealers are also in the country. There is also less for kids to do and more time to perhaps be bored. Just my point of view. At least in cities, you have options like shopping, walking, museums, clubs and a variety of people to speak with, mostly. Have a good week.

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  2. Things are always changing in Florida but we are returning to normal. Your area looks very innocent. Thanks for your honesty. Problems are everywhere. We have lots of police living in our area and firemen which makes for a group who look out for us along with the other not so innocent crew. It is a working class area with lots of mostly good folks but also those that you mention….

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  3. It bugs me when people pick up after their dogs, only to discard the full bag on the ground, or even more annoying, throw it in to a tree. They may as well have just left it.

    I love watching the changing seasons, Autumn has to be a strong favourite, having said that i love the snow too.


  4. Puppy continues to be cute. Making a move is very stressful but you might be grateful for it down the road. I love the pictures and fall. All the bright colors before the snow sets in are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this post and your daughter is a trooper.

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